X-O Manowar Armor

    Object » X-O Manowar Armor appears in 104 issues.

    An alien artifact that bonds with a host becoming a nearly unbeatable armor.

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    The origins of this armor are shrouded in mystery. The United States acquired the armor during World War II and spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how it worked. It was only when a young genius, Donovan Wylie, was brought into the project that anyone was able to make the armor work. The US Army bounded the armor with Major Rand Banion who seemed to be the perfect fit. Unfortunately the armor's defensive nature was neutralized by merging the armor with Banion due to his fearless nature (the armor required a pilot who understood that it needed self preservation instincts to truly be effective). Wylie himself bonded with the armor in an effort to save his life and keep the armor from the terrorist group, R.A.G.E.

    Reboot Origin

    The X-O Manowar armor worn by Aric of Dacia, is named Shanhara. Aric found the armor during a slave riot he led against the alien race, The Vine. The Vine worshipped the armor and attempted to find a worthy warrior to don the armor for millenia, but every one who attempted to wear it was killed by the armor. To their surprise, Aric, a human slave, became the first to wear the armor and survive. After the events to follow, the Vine began to worship Aric as their hero and savior.

    It was later discovered that there are many other armors in the universe like Shanhara that have bonded to other alien life. Armor wearers are able to communicate with each other mentally in a seperate time and space, similar to how the Vine can communicate across space.

    Shanhara's origin is far deeper though. Shanhara was a girl raised on the planet Gennin that had a deadly bone disease. In an attempt to save her, her father created a fusion between plant and machine that would save her and stabilize her disease. Unfortunately the armor did far more than stabalize the disease; it began to overrule Shanhara body. After placing Shahara in a deep sleep for decades, her father studied her to understand what he created and concluded that there was nothing he could to save his daughter from the hybrid he made. To keep Shanhara safe, her father sent her alone to the planet Loam, home to the Vine, a species he knew could never bind to the armor. Upon arriving, Shanhara took her father's advice, gave into the hybrid she was bonded to and became the artifact worshipped by the Vine.

    Powers & Abilities

    The suit is one of the most powerful suits and weapons in the universe and grants its worthy host - most men have been rejected and killed when trying to put on the armor - the following abilities (in no particular order):

    • Flight
    • Super Human Strength
    • Invisibility
    • Invulnerability - This ability is dependent upon the wearer. A person with a healthy sense of self preservation has nothing to fear. A fearless person however is vulnerable to attacks as the armor does not know it needs to protect its host.
    • X-Ray Vision - The helmet provides the wearer with the ability to see through objects.
    • Energy Projection - The user can project blasts of energy from the wrists of the armor including the iconic sword. Intensity varies upon the user's desire.
    • Remote Terminal - The unit is capable of separating into two units, the second is sentient and capable of protecting a second host, however, while similar to the original it does not appear to have enough power to use its offensive abilities without the primary unit.
    • Languages - The suit can translate foreign and alien languages on the go.
    • Knowledge - The suit also provides the host with extensive knowledge about history, science, and technology.
    • Healing - The suit can heal the host's injuries and illnesses, even life-threatening.
    • Bonding - Between the wearer and the suit.
    • Spikes

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