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A Call to Arms

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            Under another Frank Miller Cover  we follow X-O Manowar in this issue as he is also drawn into the Unity event..( All the Unity covers can be aligned to create a giant image.) X-O Manowar is actually Aric of Dacia, a Visigoth and enemy of the greater Roman Empire, he was kidnapped along with thousands of other ancient people to be used as food by the Spider-Aliens. In deep space he stole one of the aliens most powerful weapons the sentient X-O Manowar armor and used it to return to Earth to wage war on the Aliens still operating there. However he arrives back in the modern day due to his space travels. He eventually takes control of the Alien shell corporation Orb Industries..

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  The Story: We join X-O as he returns from his most recent Adventure..
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We flashback to Aric disciplining his assistant Ken Clarkson who has recently betrayed him.
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He forces Ken to wear an extension of his armor so he can be monitored more closely, Ken had lost the Arm when it was eaten by Spider-Aliens.
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X-O settles in to relax, but not for long..
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We see Geoff the Geomancer and the Harbinger kids recruit X-O to assist Solar with Unity..
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X-O meets the rest of the team but once the Battle begins he fights alone...
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X-O is overwhelmed and Damaged....
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He lands in a Place where Erica Pierce is feeding the Lost Lands natives to her Bionosaurs.
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Visigoths in Alien Battle-armor don't hold back.
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X-O takes the natives of the tribe as his own and is now their chief.
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X-O embraces his fate as this chapter of Unity draws to a close.

The Good:    
   X-O Manowar was one of the most successful Valiant books and had one of the most compelling lead characters in the Valiant Universe, tons of historical reference and Sci-Fi mixed with over the top violence is always sure to please.

The Bad:  
 Nothing.X-O and Unity rule.

  The Verdict 5/5:
  There is nothing better than a consistently written and well illustrated comic to remind you why you read comics in the first place. I recommended this and all the other Valiant V1 books. Don't miss out on these oft-forgotten classics.

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