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For centuries, the sacred X-O Manowar armor has stood unrivaled as the universe’s most powerful weapon. Today, will it equal Earth’s doom? An unthinkable alien race known only as The Torment has come to our world in search of the armor’s secrets. Now, they stand opposed by Aric of Dacia – former slave, noble warrior, resolute king, and current master of the armor’s near-limitless capabilities. But is one man…and one weapon…enough to repel a force capable of leveling a thousand civilizations?

A whole new era for X-O Manowar begins here…and you won’t believe what’s coming next!

From all corners, the Valiant Universe assembles to salute X-O Manowar’s unparalleled 56-issue run as Robert Venditti, Joe Bennett, and Roberto de la Torre declare “LONG LIVE THE KING” with an oversized series finale for the ages! Plus: all-new, never-before-seen X-O Manowar tales and tributes from Jody Houser & Javier Pulido, Matt Kindt & Tomas Giorello, and Philip Tan, and special guest appearances from X-O Manowar’s own Cary Nord, Diego Bernard, Rafa Sandoval, Robert Gill, and more!


  • Long Live the King Finale
  • The Two Deaths of Gaius Maelus
  • His Greatest Failure
  • The Future

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
AAll-Star Jam Cover ACary Nord1-2
BCover BPaolo Rivera3
CCover CMarko Djurdjevic4
DCover DMarcos Martin5
ECover EMico Suayan6
FCover FFrancesco Francavilla7
GCover GShane Davis8
HCGC Replica Cover HPere Perez9
I1:10 Retailer Incentive Cover IChip Zdarsky10
J1:15 Retailer Incentive Cover JPhilip Tan11
K1:20 Retailer Incentive Cover KKaare Andrews12
L1:25 Retailer Incentive Cover LPhil Jimenez13
M1:50 Retailer Incentive B&W All-Star Jam Cover MCary Nord14
N1:5 Retailer Incentive Cover NColleen Doran15


  • The 1:25 Retailer Incentive Cover L is a homage of the cover of .
  • The 1:5 Retailer Incentive Cover N is a homage of the Pieta.

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