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    Character » X-O Commando appears in 35 issues.

    Kazuyo Nakadai is a Rai Warrior armed with a Commando Class Armor.

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    The wife to Tohru Nakada, a Rai warrior, who lost his life during the Unity Crisis. Kazuyo would find and don the XO Commando armor to help Japan during a Malev attack.

    Kazuyo despises the new Rai, Takao Konishi, as she believes that he disgraces her late husband. However, after hearing Takao's speech to revolt against the Malev Empire on Earth, she is inspired and joins forces with him and the Freedom Fighters known as the Future Force.


    While not as sophisticated as the Manowar Class armor, the Commando Class has the following features:

    Atmospheric & Interstellar Flight

    Wrist mounted 50 Mhz Ion Pulse Blasters

    Enhanced Strength & Durability


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