X-O Armor Manowar Class

    Object » X-O Armor Manowar Class appears in 19 issues.

    X-O Armor is a product of the Spider Aliens in the Valiant Universe.

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    Manowar Class Armor is by far the most devastating weapon in the Spider Aliens' arsenal. Its firepower makes it epic in its destuctive capacity.   The Manowar Class Armor can develop a new spore, thus creating a new armor, every two thousand years.

    Standard Manowar Capabilities & Equipment

    Helm The helmet is equipped with a retractable faceplate and audio processors. The faceplate also features a HUD (Heads-Up-Display) capabilities to receive images from either viewing node.


    Silicone polymer casing houses armor’s main technological functions. The right breastplate of the carapace contains the ring compartment from which the wearer extracts the armor’s control ring.

    External Scaning Node
    A mounted surveillance node that provides the user with full 360 degrees of peripheral vision.

    Remote Scanning Node
    A detachable surveillance camera

    The armor is capable of atmospheric & orbital flight by generating opposing magnetic fields.

    Shanhara Version

    Forcefield & Illumination

    Energy Dampening Coils

    80 Mgz Pulse Ion Cannon
    A Single Ion Cannon is mounted on each wrist gauntlet.

    Charged Ion Blade
    Responding to Aric's need to feel a sword, the Armor creates a telescoping blade with an ionic charge capable of slicing the arm off an energy being.

    Pol Bekhara Version

    Omni Beam

    Functions include force field generator, illumination, force blast, tractor beam, and energy dampening field.

    Flexible secondary metalloid casing. Functions as the armors energy absorption vechicle

    Wrist Gauntlets
    Dual 100 Mgz Pulse Ion Cannons mounted on each gauntlet.

    Ion Blade
    Pol-Bekhara produces a sword hilt that produces an energy based ion blade as opposed to the telescoping ionic charge of Shanhara.




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