X-O Armor Commando Class

    Object » X-O Armor Commando Class appears in 11 issues.

    X-O Armor is a product of the Spider Aliens in the Valiant Universe.

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    The Commando Class is the backbone of Spider Alien military.  While not as advanced as the Manowar Class Armor, Commando Class reproduce a spore every 300 years (as opposed to the 2000 years for a Manowar).

    Sentient:       No
    Flight:            Yes
    Armament:   Dual Wrist Mounted 50 MHz Ion Pulse Cannons.
    The Commando Class has been reverse engineered on Earth by the Harbringer known as Ax.
    Also the human Tahru Nakada uses one as a member of the Futureforce.


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