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Cerebra of the X-Men in the year 2099 had been told by Doom that he felt a mutant would appear and be a messiah to all the mutants in that time due to a prophecy he had heard. Cerebra chose to leave the X-Men and went to Halo City to use as a base while she searched and collected mutants who might very will be the messiah they were looking for. She began to train the children in many classes and even provided them with anger management and originally intended to have her former teammateXian Chi Xanto help her in their training but he decided to turn down her offer.

The group is cared for by the Sisterhood of the Howling Commandos. They made their home in the Xavier home for Indigent Children and they tend to go to Milk bars where milk has know become a narcotic. The group would often battle many a villain and sneak out from the base. Such as when the villian Avian kidnapped Willow and the group mounted a rescue. Soon however X-Nation would be on the break of destruction as due to the New Atlantean assault their home was flooded and the Sisterhood died.

However some time the later the powerful mutant Exodus returned and captured the young mutants for himself. He tried to make them his Acolytes but had to defeat the teens when they refused. Like many they relocated to the Savage Land as a home but soon even more disaster struck as the Planet became attacked by the Phalanax. Both Wulff and Uproar took part in the battle along with Spider-man while the others remained. Also Nostromo was taken by the Phalanax but due to Doom he was freed from their control and used to imploment a virus into their systems. He then made Nostromo ruler of LAtveria after Doom gave his life to stop the threat.

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