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Puck Part 15: X-Men/Alpha Flight The Gift #2

Puck and the rest of both Alpha Flight and the X-Men must decide whether or not to accept Loki’s gift.
Judd is at a party inside the castle along with Heather, Professor Xavier and several others when Wolverine enters carrying the body of one of the scientists. It turns out the magic fountain that transforms humans into superhumans comes with a price: everyone whose natural abilities come from magic, starting with Snowbird and Shaman, are dying.
Lines are drawn, and Judd stands with the majority in favor of keeping the fountain. They all fight, until it is learned that in addition to magical powers being affected, those who have used the fountain can no longer create original ideas.
This changes everything, so Loki shows up and tries to force them to accept his gift by summoning an army of snow giants. Judd and the others fight the giants until the beings known as We Who Live Above in Shadow appear and force Loki to leave the humans be. Loki reluctantly agrees and removes all the abilities from everyone who went in the fountain, as well as all the benefits that came from those abilities. In Judd’s case, that means he is returned to his dwarfish body…and the pain that comes with it.
Loki offers a final chance to everyone to accept the fountain, even tempting Judd with the chance to once again “stand tall and proud…before thy lady love.” Judd responds by telling him to “take off”, and he does.
Everyone gets back on the DeHavilland Otter as the cold and snow reclaim the area, and they head for home.
Notes of Interest: 
1) There’s not much here in terms of character development, but Judd meets Loki and They Who Sit Above In Shadow for the first time, and there are some cool moments for discussion…

WTF? Moment: Judd’s using a cane while six feet tall, not due to injury but because he's lost his sense of balance. My question is: if Judd’s dwarfism is cured, along with the pain, wouldn’t his equilibrium also be “cured” and reconfigured for his new body?

WTF? Moment #2: He doesn’t appear in any of the fights, which makes sense if he’s not used to his new height and using a cane.

WTF? Moment #3: It surprised me that Judd would be in favor of keeping the fountain. I would have thought he’d be more loyal to Snowbird and Shaman than that. Maybe he just liked being six feet tall, but I don’t think he’d be that selfish.

WTF? Moment #4: Did anybody else notice that Judd’s right ear was also cured? I didn’t, not until I reread the issue for this review. Very nice touch.

WTF? Moment #5: Even Loki could tell that Judd has feelings for Heather. Is she really that thick?  

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