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The X-Men and Alpha Flight forces are scattered across the Artic, as Loki continues his reign of confusion. Wolverine attacks two members of Alpha Flight. Heather Hudson and Professor Xavier attempt reconciliation. Rachel Summers goes missing. Mayhem and chaos abound, as the X-Men and Alpha Flight take on a common foe in the Elder Gods!

Loki had been watching Talisman. Down in the caverns, Shadowcat consoled Rachel while Talisman discovered the Master Builder's sketchbook. Loki didn't want them to leak news of their discovery, and so commanded Earthshaker to create an avalanche. However, they still managed to find Wolverine when they were attacked by Beastmaster &Pathfinder.

The others remained in the citadel, unaware of what was happening to their friends. Northstar shared a dance withRogue in an attempt to dispel any rumours about him. They were finally reunited with their friends when it was revealed that the fountain was part of a shrine to Loki. Furthermore, it could grant powers to anyone, but would kill anyone of a magical background. The information divided everyone. They began to fight when Talisan revealed that the magically gained gifts would remove the ability to dream & imagine from anyone who had received them. This convinced Madelyne Pryor to reject the gift. However, she was forced to change her mind and take back her healing powers to save the life of her injured friend.

Loki resented them with a last ultimatum. They eventually rejected his offer. All the mutants whose ongoing problems had been healed by Madelyne Pryor were all returned to normal, and Cyclops was forced to wear his visor again. Snowbird and Northstar left on their own. Rachel decided not to reveal her familial connection to Cyclops.


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Puck Part 15: X-Men/Alpha Flight The Gift #2 0

Puck and the rest of both Alpha Flight and the X-Men must decide whether or not to accept Loki’s gift.  Judd is at a party inside the castle along with Heather, Professor Xavier and several others when Wolverine enters carrying the body of one of the scientists. It turns out the magic fountain that transforms humans into superhumans comes with a price: everyone whose natural abilities come from magic, starting with Snowbird and Shaman, are dying.  Lines are drawn, and Judd stands with the majori...

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