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Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor are transporting a group of Canadian scientists to the Artic, when their plane is attacked by a mysterious force. Rachel Summers proposes an X-Men/Alpha Flight team-up, to save Cyclops, Madelyne, and the missing Canadians. The X-Men zip up their parkas as they head to the Canadian wilderness!

In the Arctic Circle, Cyclops & his wife Madelyne Pryor were ferrying a group of scientists when their plane was attacked by a mysterious unseen foe. Rachel Summers received a jumbled psychic flash that they were in trouble, but mistakenly believed that Shaman was responsible. Rachel ambushed Shaman as he tended to Snowbird who had been mysteriously injured. It took the combined efforts of the X-Men & Alpha Flight to stop her, by which time Snowbird had recovered & explained that she'd been injured in the same mysterious attack upon Cyclops' plane. Therefore the two mutant groups decided to team-up.

Unbeknownst to all, Loki had consulted Those Who Sit Above In Shadow.

When the mutants discovered their missing friends, they were amazed to find that Cyclops no longer needed the use of his Ruby Quartz visor. Madelyne Pryor & the other scientists had miraculously gained powers, and she used her new-found healing abilities to cure Aurora, Rogue, Sasquatch & Puck. Shaman realised that Snowbird hadn't accompanied them, causing Wolverine to run off in search for his old friend. While the others ate, they revealed how they planned to help heal the world with their new powers. Madelyne Pryor also announced that she was pregnant with a baby boy. This news made Rachael Summers to run away in tears, causing Shadowcat & Talisman to pursue her.

Those who remained behind were taken to a magical fountain. Heather Hudson was the first to gain amazing new powers. However, Shaman lost control over his magical pouch and many demons poured out. After the creatures were defeated Madelyn admitted that she could not use her healing powers as Shaman was dying.


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