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How would you handle AVX if you were writing it alone? How would each act play out?

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I won't go through each Act, but I'd prefer it to be a follow up to Astonishing X-Men, where Cyclops said he wanted the X-Men to take the spotlight as the premiere super heroes. The Avengers and X-Men would each take on the other team's toughest foes from their respective rogues galleries, with their leaders secretly plotting media mentions and new ways to promote their activities. There would be a small but purposeful body count, giving certain heroes glorious death scenes and other villains a sense of menace. The entire series would essentially chronicle mini-series in each title and the whole thing would be a crossover. At the end, there would be a fast forward ten years to move the entire Universe forward, and that would be the next take-off point for the Marvel Universe. A lot of the older characters would have retired, the younger heroes would come forward to take their place without the prior personal knowledge of the older teams making it more believable that covert versions of each team could exist comprised of older mainstays without their knowledge. There would be a new generation of villains: some completely ruthless, others just in it for money or fame, and some that are so evil in new ways that older heroes can't even compete despite their still being necessary to contain old threats.

It would be hilariously glorious and bring back the sense of camaraderie and competition that existed in the Marvel U.

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@PhoenixoftheTides: You should write comics.

Anyway, my approach to AVX would build more off of Scott's team on Utopia being considered a nuclear deterrent and a proxy war between the Avengers and X-Men. It deals with the difficulties that come with the eventual rise in the mutant population. It would basically be a second Cold War, between Utopia and America. It would also take advantage of the twelve issue deadline. It will begin with Nick Fury's monologue about how he needs to get away from the super hero business, as he sees a believes a horrible end is in store for them soon. He says the Avengers have basically declared themselves "World Police", and that eventually people will grow angry with their leadership. This is followed by Charles Xavier's monologue, in which he says his first pupil, Scott has lost his way, and that the X-Men can only stave off their inner moral conflict for so long. He says that they are becoming the brotherhood more and more each day, which means that a conflict with mankind is unavoidable. The first scene is the sudden activation of thousands of mutants in New York, just as Hope Summers goes missing. The Avengers immediately burst onto the scene and try to calm and detain civilians, most of which have lost control of their power. The X-Men also arrive, and find Hope Summers passed out in the center of the chaos. She awakens briefly, with the phoenix emblem in her eyes. The X-Men aid the Avengers in fighting the mutants. And eventually, they realize that the rest of the world is having the same problem. In a matter of hours, many of the mutants have been stopped. In other parts of the world however, many of the mutants have been killed, imprisoned, or beaten. In the American city that was infested, however, no mutants were killed, but there were hundreds of human casualties, leading to anti-mutant protests around the country. Some of the mutants have been given refuge on Utopia or at the Jean Grey School, even though they were all supposed to be under 24 hr medical examination at the Avengers' holding facility. Each day, more and more mutants activate. Britain, which suffered almost no casualties, didn't take any measures against mutants, and looks down on other countries, who have reimposed sentinels, and kill-on-sight measures. America falls somewhere in between the extreme and the lenient. The Avengers attend a meeting at the White House, and approve the Mutant Registration Act, instead of the other, more lethal measures proposed. The X-Men respond with Sanctions against the U.S. No X-Men are to enter the U.S. (so as not to be under the Act's jurisdiction). The Jean Grey School responds by having all humans mindwiped of it's whereabouts. For Days, no mutants appear in the U.S. The X-Men from Utopia intervene in anti-mutant operations around the world. Utopia begins to have an overpopulation crisis, but refuses to send refugees to the JGS in America, believing that because the school is under the registration act's jurisdiction, it is too risky to send any more mutants there. Wolverine stays in contact with the Avengers but only participates in missions that don't concern mutantkind. Meanwhile the Avengers (including mutants who support the registration act) go around the world, threatening sanctions against countries using kill on sight measures, assisting countries who are undergoing riots, and supporting countries who take on more docile ways of dealing with the mutant problem. However, even with the act in place, each day brings a new mutant, unable to control his/her powers, who ends up causing destruction. After Russia, an ally of the U.S., which has moderate anti-mutant policies, has a large, and violent mutant protest, they unleash sentinels, to aid their troops in dispersing the hundreds of mutants The X-Men arrive, and do battle with Russian forces. The Avengers go to aid their ally, and stop the violence, leading to a ground war between the mutants and the Avengers. After weeks of fighting to escape alive, the X-Men lead a raid on the Avenger's Russian HQ, and manage to escape. The Avengers capture a few X-Men, who are not allowed to live their lives peacefully like the other mutants under the registration act, an held in prison, for attacking the Avengers. At the end of act 1, there is an image of the phoenix force

Act 2 is essentially just one big fight book. It takes place a week after Act 1. Most, countries are beginning to cope with mutants the way they did before M-Day. Some are even taking down the registration act. America however, due to it now having the largest (and most potentially dangerous) mutant population in the world, and not wanting to back down to Cyclops, keeps the registration act. The Avengers find the JGS and keep it locked down. The Utopian X-Men quell a revolution led by one of the new mutants, who made a deal for protection with the Avengers. The Avengers arrive just as the battle finishes and use it as an opportunity to take down the X-Men, who have, for a week sabotaged the Avengers battles with various villains, in order to send a message to stop registration. The Avengers attempt to take back the island for America, and fail. Red Hulk stays behind to ensure that the other Avengers can evacuate. Hope Summers personally defeats Captain America, who barely manages to leave alive. The JGS publicly refuses to take a side in the fights. Many teenaged mutants are sent there in response. The Avengers and X-Men both realize that the Phoenix is coming to Earth, and they both see it the same way they do in the original series. The X-Men believe the Phoenix is responsible for the mutant rebirth, whereas the Avengers believe that the Phoenix is a tool of destruction. The Avengers go to Utopia and attempt to convince the X-Men to give them Hope, who Wolverine told the Avengers he believes the Phoenix is coming for. A battle ensues when the X-Men refuse, and Utopia is destroyed. Hope is put in an escape pod by Cyclops, and programs it to send her to a secret base of theirs in Canada. Hawkeye's arrow damages the pod, and she crash lands in an unknown location. Everyone evacuates the sinking Utopia except for Red Hulk, who is still trapped in prison and drowns. Meanwhile, Rogue and Angel lead a breakout from the JGS, and they manage to take Gambit, Cannonball, Kitty Pryde, Rachael Summers, and Psylocke (who was visiting Warren when the Avengers arrived) with them. The X-Men and Avengers scour the globe in search of Hope, and eventually, she is found in the Las Vegas, where she tells Cyclops that this is where the Phoenix said it will arrive. The Avengers arrive, but with the help of Rogue's team, the X-Men manage to hold off long enough for the phoenix to arrive. Act 2 ends in Hope embodying herself, along with four other X-Men, with the phoenix, and saying "No more Avengers" The phoenix five are the surviving O5, and hope.

Act three begins one week after act 2. The phoenix five are basically the new avengers. They are loved by the public, and can do whatever they want. Warren is given brief flashbacks of his memory. Cyclops, the self-imposed leader, has ordered the Avengers to be hunted and imprisoned, to give them a taste of their own medicine. Beast has been making scientific breakthroughs with his powers, and Iceman has been joking-around on talk-shows. Green hulk, who was attacked and horribly beaten by Angel, is saved by the Avengers and taken to an island on the Atlantic, created by Scarlet Witch, and ironically called Utopia. Each day, their numbers are further diminished. Hope Summers, is ambushed and taken there. Although she could easily escape at any given time, she decides to listen to the Avengers. The Avengers beg send the phoenix back into space, because they think it will only bring destruction. Hope is initially tempted to accept their offer, but the Phoenix inside her takes control and leaves. She tells Cyclops of the Avengers location, and the Phoenix five attack the Utopia. Wanda teleports the Avengers to safety after she sees. The X-Men destroy all STARK tech, imprison the Avenger's allies, and burn down the Avengers Academy. The X-Men begin to doubt the orders of the P5. After the P5 destroy Avengers tower, they are also ambushed by every living Avenger. The Spider-Man leads a breakout of the Avenger's prison, and the X-Men and Avengers prepare for one final battle. The X-Men and Avengers battle for one full day. Warpath is murdered by Hawkeye. Eric O'Grady is crushed by Juggerlossus. Namor is killed by Thor. Speed, and Quake are easily killed by Cyclops. During the battle, the phoenix flares and all of the hosts lose it's power, except for Cyclops. He orders his X-Men to crush the Avengers, but they refuse to listen, and accept defeat, after being telepathically rendered immobile and reminded of the dream by Charles Xavier, who arrived to keep his pupils from ruining everything they ever worked for. Cyclops fights the Avengers, and the X-Men, including Xavier, are all defeated by him. After a long battle with Cap, Cyclops is put down by Hope Summers, who shot him from a distance.

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