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Yo dudes

I've been watching the xmen cartoons on netflix (the original xmen series, the ones that were on fox kids like 10 years ago or whatever lol).

The cartoons are actually pretty badass.

Were these cartoons based upon the comics?

Are the comics still going on? I read that a lot has changed since this series, and since my knowledge is essentially based upon such a limited scope, I was wondering if new content for Xmen is still being created? Besides from the movies, that is.

(I found a dvd called "40 years of xmen complete collection" and it was published in 2005) which leads me to believe that new Xmen comics are not being created?Are there still new xmen comics being written?

PS: I did a quick wiki search and heard that my man Cyclops is like stuck in space right now, and that Jubilee is a vampire, and that most of the mutants got their powers taken away in something called "mday" (or something like that).

Sorry for disoriented posts and I appreciate any additional information.


PS: Thanks for your invaluable time and wisdom.

PPS: I read that Jean Grey dies again lol, does she die after the entire Phoenix story? This poor lady is destined to die, poor Scotty.

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Yes theres still new x-men comics out there. A lot of them actually

Thats all the help i can give since i dont read x-men

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Yes they are based on the comics "pretty closely honestly"

Yes, the comics are still going on. Scott is on Earth and is leading a vigilante group of X-Men that are attacking humans to save mutants while Wolverine and his team are doing the Xavier dream thing still. M-day depowered I think 95% of mutants but after Avengers vs X-men new mutants are popping up around the globe. Now the Avengers and X-Men are working together for the mutant cause in Uncanny Avengers.

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Thanks for the responses

Why did Cyclops leave the Xmen? Is Cyclops a rebel now? :o

Is Professor X still leading the xmen with wolverine?

What about Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Beast, Jean?

Thanks again

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@blah2: Scott killed Xavier when he was possessed by the Phoenix Force. Afterword he was imprisoned. When a mutant in the prison was killed he had Magneto, Magik and Danger bust him out, He wants to save mutant lives under any circumstance whether people get hurt or not. "He is an anti hero at the moment"

Storm is at the school with Logan currently and is a teacher. She disagrees with Scott's approach, but realized that choosing to fight him would start a mutants civil war.

Beast is dying unfortunetly

Jean will be returning as a teenager along with the original X-Men "Ice Man, Cyclops, Beast, Angel" so two versions of everyone, but Jean will exist.

Gambit has his own solo series

Rogue is an Avenger

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Cyclop's killed Xavier after he lost control of the Phoenix Force that he was currently playing host to, Avengers and X-men put him down. Then he went to jail for it, willingly. While in jail he saw a newly emerged mutant get stabbed and the perpetrators not face any issues, the prison system didn't care about it. Scott decided there that he was done playing nice with the humans and their system. Broke out of jail with help from Magneto (who for the last few years has been working for Cyclops) and Magik (currently the demon queen of a hell dimension, though she has been an X-men for awhile too). Scott doesn't want to take over the world or anything like that, he just is done playing nice with humans that threaten mutants.

Note that this is an extremely condensed version of events to explain the whole rebel cyclops angle, the story in truth stretches way back to even before the House of M story arc, which was I don't even remember how many years ago, 5 or 7 I think.

So no, Xavier isn't with Logan seeing how he's dead again (he's died multiple times before too, most hope he's just gonna stay dead now, Xavier nowadays is nothing like his cartoon self. Ironically it seems Avenger fans seem to be sadder to see him dead then most X-fans actually are lol).

Storm is with Logan at the school, Rogue is joining up with the Avengers, Beast is at the school to, Jeans been dead for years and Gambit has his own solo comic.

Basically there are two main factions among the X-men, Pro Government led by Wolverine, and Anti-government led by Cyclops. Things have changed ALOT since the days of the cartoons basically. Cyclop's now adays is probably one of the most polarized characters in the entire MarvelU, most seem to either Love him now or absolutely Despise him for giving up on Xavier's methods of non-violence.

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@blah2 said:

Thanks for the responses

Why did Cyclops leave the Xmen? Is Cyclops a rebel now? :o

Is Professor X still leading the xmen with wolverine?

What about Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Beast, Jean?

Thanks again

Cyclops is "dark" now, not really a bad guy but more an anti hero, he is willing to do things for the right reasons that not everyone may consider right. It's hard to explain without giving a big list of the past idk 5 years of x men lol, also alot of different opinions on his actions. I personally think he is a badass now and so totally the man.

Professor X is dead, uh Cyclops killed him :D Wolverine only leads the School not all the X men, Cyclops crew is still X men as well just kind of two groups of X men atm

Storm works at the school and will appear in "Uncanny X force," Gambit has his own series and also works at the school he may be featured in a few of the teams later but nothing has been said yet, Rogue is part of Uncanny Avengers now, Beast is the vice principle of the school :-p and he is a big part of "All New X men", Jean is dead but the "All New X men" book features a story line where the 5 original X men were brought from the past into the current comics so her Teenage self can be found there

IF your looking into reading them, i would start with All New X men, it only has one issue right now and seems interesting enough. I would also pick up some issues of Wolverine & the X men (its more light hearted and not as serious but will give you a prospective of the other side of the x men globe) then in Feb a new "Uncanny X men #1 is being released that will have Scott team of X men featured in it so i would make sure to grab that as well. There is also "X men" That will have Iceman, Storm, Angel, Chamber & Pixie as the team, Uncanny X force with Storm, Psylocke, Puck, Spiral (and some others i honestly cant remember) Cable & X force with Cable, Colossus, Dr Nemesis, Forge & Domino, X men legacy is based on Professor Xavier's son (legion) trying to carry on his legacy since his death, Asthonishing X men (whose Current Team is Gambit, Iceman, Karma, Northstar, Beast, Wolverine & Dr. Reyes) but i beleive the team will be getting revamped for Marvel now since the last issue finished the story arc, X factor with Jamie Madrox, M, Polaris, Rictor, Shatterstar, Butterfly (maybe some others but this book doesn't interact with the rest of the x men much at all) and Uncanny Avengers which will be a combination of avengers & X men with a team of Havok, Rogue, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Sunfire & Wonderman, The Avengers title will also feature Cannonbal & Sunspot from the X men as new members

So in all you got about 10 books where you could find your mighty mutant heroes! Not even counting the solo titles like Gambit, & Two Wolverine titles so Enjoy!!

(Suggested books btw to start with would be All New X men & Uncanny X men)

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*warning* newb overload; does not compute.

Lot to absorb, sounds pretty badass.

Thanks for all of the contributions; when I acknowledge these radical facts, I'll probably be back with more questions :D


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@blah2: No problem "well for my contribution anyway"

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@blah2: Glad to help

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@Blood1991 said:


Beast is dying unfortunetly'

How do you know Beast is dying? If so why is he and do you have any scans?

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@ZacCooper: I don't have the scan, but in all new x-men he reveled his mutation was killing him. I'll look for the panel, but I've had no luck finding the image with dialogue.

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