Whose death would hurt you the worst if it was permanent?

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Which XMen's death would hurt you the most if it was guaranteed permanent? Mine would be Colossus.

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Rachel Grey

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Colossus and Storm

I would never recover.
I would never recover.

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Yea Cyclops for me too

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Nightcrawler or Psylocke.

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@xwraith said:

Nightcrawler or Psylocke.

I almost put comics down for good when she was killed in X-Treme X-Men. She's been my favorite character since I was 9. Talk about trauma.

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Beast,Wolverine or Nightcrawler

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Magik - younger character, a lot of potential, ties to older characters, but doesn't rely on her relationships to them to get new stories.

I'm ready for a lot of the older characters to die off, quite frankly, and be replaced by characters who may have similar powers, who can take up the mantle again. As a Jean Grey fan, I'm pretty used to the idea of a character dying off and only being replaced by alternate dimension or timeline displaced versions, and just wish they'd commit to something. I was non-plussed when Wolverine, Storm, and pretty much every X-Men was killed in the lead in to and during the Secret Wars. The only X-death in the event that I hated was how Cyclops Phoenix was handled.

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Its easier for me to just list everyone that I want dead and the rest are ones that would hurt me tremendously... So it wouldnt hurt me a bit if we killed off:

Fantomex!!! Fantomex!!! Fantomex!!! (DEATH)


The O5 (all new)- DEATHS

The hellfire brats- DEATHS

All the students at JGS and NXS (DEATHS) with the exception of: Hellion. Surge. Dust. Rockslide. Cipher. Pixie. X-23.Elixir. Oya. Armor. Mercury. Gentle. Blindfold. Hope-only because that story needs to be told properly and to redeem Bishop.

X-man. Rictor. Longshot. Aurora. Northstar. Cypher. Warlock. Danger. Quentin Quire. Shatterstar. Guido. Maggot. Adam X. (DEATHS)

Right now i really dont like Beast or Iceman buuuuuut I guess they can stay. i could do without Madrox and Layla Miller too but they are ok.

Did I say Fantomex!!!! (DEATH)

I think the death of anyone else would crush me.

By the way this list might be kind of great for one of those big tragic events that "changes the face of the xmen forever" right? I know. I know

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emma frost whoa wait i thought u meant what death would bother you lmao

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Definitely Beast! Havok, Bishop, maybe Cable.

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Nightcrawler without a doubt

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Rogue, to much untapped strength in that character, and her hot love affair with Logan is BOUND to happen

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Gambit and Rogue.

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@sprior93 said:


I would never recover.
I would never recover.


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