Which X-Men character have you like the most, over the last five years

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FACK! I meant Havok Polaris!

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As you can see I have a listed X-Men characters who have play part in X-Men comics, within the last 5 years. Which is 2008 to 2012. I would like you to voted for, who you like the most and who you think has been the best portrayed character in X-Men comics.. I've included X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force and New mutants characters.

You don't have to vote for your favourite character, just vote for the character you have like the most over the last 5 years.

I link some characters together, cause they been together in some titles. I also included Jean Grey, cause she been in Age of Apocalypse, Uncanny X-Force, Forever X-Men, Ultimate X-Men and First Class X-Men.

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For me it has been to Rogue, she never let me down in the X-Men comics, she never bored me or annoyed me. Unlike some other characters in the X-Men comics.

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X-23 and Psylocke.

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@x_29 said:

X-23 and Psylocke.

X-23 would be my second choice. I really enjoy her series and I liked her role in the X-Force.

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I was thinking about Kitty and luckily she was paired with my favorite Storm.

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Psylocke easily. She has seen the best development out of the bunch even if Archangel has poo brain these days. Storm and Colossus are over her in the grand scheme of things, but Betsy has been written beautifully these last few years.

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Cyclops had my vote until the last issue of Uncanny. Rasputins are damaged goods and I love it. LOVE. IT.

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Kitty has been growing on me over the past few years... She used to be my least favorite x-men character back in the day.

And You know I love Storm! Hands Down! :D

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Emma and then the Rasputins

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Have always loved Storm.

But over the past five years, Armor and Pixie, excluding Karma, though. Armor's tenure in Ellis' run of Astonishing really made me a fan, just about everything i look for in a young X-Man, and as for Pixie, always thought she was an annoying, incompetent, attention-seaking brat, but recently, Gischler/Wood have made me fall in love with the character.

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  • Cyclops.
  • Iceman.
  • Fantomex.
  • Psylocke.
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Cyclops and Nightcrawler for me but as far as the poll goes I chose Cyclops.

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Wolverine as always.

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wolverine. this year, every year since i saw him.

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Gah! That's such a hard question! I LOVE Cyclops and the entire Summers family. But, I LOVE FANTOMEX and Cable... and Bishop.... and Colossus...

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1.Storm followed by Rogue, Psylocke and Kitty

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I want to see more edgy behavior for Psylocke.

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Wolverine , even tho the Marvel new order of bendis & the merry men of Dc comics skrull writers tweaking marvel universe for their WB / Disney merge , toning down Logans Adventures & power stunts ' He is one of the best characters that can extremely go beyond the norm & take readers into new insights of the marvel universe . Dude can kick ass & drink beer after doing so . Only Marvel character that i know that can truly take on the Hulk 1 on 1 ' even rip a whole thru him . The perfect weapon

Peace . :).

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I only recently got back into comic's and started with The Boy's, Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men

Chose Ultimate X-Men because i loved X-Men and X2 movies and got told it was a good jump in point, no backlog of continuity and a modern

Upon reading decided i really enjoyed the team and caught up with some 616 universe Astonishin, Morrison New X-men a few classics.

Throughout that 1 character i really liked, who was a pretty much nothing character in the movies was Cyclops... and he's been my fave X-man and that suprised me.

so, yeah, a long convaluted way to say Cyke |)

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Rogue her growth in the last years has been nice to see.

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Frenzy, Storm, Kitty, Rachel Grey, and Gladiator

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I voted for Deadpool and Fantomex simply because I love Remender's portrayal of them in Uncanny X-Force. I nearly voted for Psylocke and Archangel for the same reason. Wolverine has always been one of my favorite X-Men (and favorite characters overall) and I love Remender's portrayal of him in Uncanny X-Force, Gillen's portrayal of him in Uncanny X-Men, as well as Millar's take on him in the Old Man Logan story arc, but I didn't much care for Jason Aaron's take on the character. I'm okay with Logan running a school while he secretly takes care of the dirty work with X-Force, that all seems completely in character for him, but the tone of Aaron's Wolvie books just seem a little too... campy to me.

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Cyclops hands down.

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cyclops has grown from some stiff do boy for professor X into a ruthless man who is willing to do anything to help his mutant kind survive, so yea cyclops is the man

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M - Honestly, the past couple of months she's been overly pissy/moody instead of being the witty indestructible heroine I grew to love, but she's proven to be a hilarious foil to every character she encounters, especially evident in the X-Factor/Spider-Man team-up arc where she sunbathed with Shatterstar and corrected Spider-Man on his grammar. Once Strong Guy is out of the picture, hopefully her character arc will be on the up and up again.

Rachel - Her role as the constant turncoat was amazing and it made her past in the future past relevant for the first time since she arrived in our timestream. She was bad ass, methodical, and unpredictable. Finally.

Colossus - Despite his weird obsession with his sister (which has only become more apparent this past year), the X-Writers have done a fantastic job of at least giving Colossus the consolation prize of most improved X-Man. No longer the 'da.' spewing moron, he's found himself corrupted twice over, screwed over by his sister Magik, and its all just emphasizing how much of a nice chump he is. Its sort of lovable.

Cyclops - Honestly, he has been a patronizing douche who was over-glorified under Fraction's pen, but where he is after AvX is a compelling place he (hopefully) can't turn back from (although I once thought the same for the Scarlet Witch, but she's "sorry" now). His story has potential and I'm eagerly awaiting what's going to be done with it.

Kitty Pryde (Ultimate Comics) - In the Ultimate reality, Kitty is the ultimate underdog. She's the girl-next-door who is now leading an underground movement to liberate a down-trodden and apathetic mutantkind. She's the "Clamezon" we've all missed, minus all the cheesy ninja/genius add-ons that Mary Sued her to character bankruptcy.

Hope - "No more Phoenix" was helpful, "No more nose" was amazing.

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Come on people! Who doesn't love good ole Magneto?!?

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rachel and jean

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Gonna have to go with Hope on this one.

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wolverine and deadpool are the best there like wolverine and spiderman

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God Damn it. Why would you stick Deadpool with Fantomex. Love Fantomex. 

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