Which Mutant(s) will betray the X-men to Hydra in the Secret Empire?

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Well it wont be Emma that's for sure and it wont measure up to the Prof. X betrayal as Onslaught, but I did note that Gambit is on the new Astonishing X-title with Bishop and for years B was convinced that Gambit was the one going to betray the dream, just saying!

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That's an abandoned plot back when Remender big plans for Marvel were still a deal. Spencer plays with some of it, but I'm not sure he will play with all of it.

Remender also teased Evolutionary War, and well we got ivx instead.

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Beast maybe. Fantomex is also highly likely to me because he's a massive douche tool.

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Am I supposed to take Hydra seriously? Are they the villains of this event? lol

Anyway, it's probably Rachel Grey.

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Unless Misty is lying and SHE'S Hydra. But if we're talking traitors in the current X-books it's probably Forge or Beast.

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Don't care... it's just reality warping cosmic cube stuff. Welcome to Axis II.

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Iceman...just because they've messed up everything else anyway.

Beast because he's always pulling some sh@t

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#9 Posted by LordWhiskers (451 posts) - - Show Bio

Jubilee. You can't trust vampires.

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Kitty Pryde for sure. I promise you she reveals herself as a Hydra Agent.

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Probably one of the psychics, easier to hide their intentions.

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i'd vote Kitty, an especially nasty betrayal with her assuming a leadership position finally.

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