What Mutants do you want in X-men Days Of Future Past and why

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What Mutants do you want in X-men Days Of Future Past and why

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I'd like the X-Men to be in it because I am a fan of theirs.

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Kitty Pryde - She was the main character in that storyline.

Colossus - I loved seeing his future self in that storyline.

Wolverine - Same as Colossus, seeing his future self

Storm - Same as Colossus and Wolverine

Nightcrawler - Because I love him!!!

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the whole thing is so different since your running off the last first class cast, which i almost assume you have to be right?

So if iirc the x men team was left with Banshee, Havok, & Beast (along with professor x of course)

so they would i assume be sort of a senior team like we seen in the original X men movies, they showed the school at the very end so we could almost be safe in assuming the school will be open in the next movie. So those three will more then likely be their lets add

Kitty - She is the main focus of this story it would be odd with out her, i don't know how they will do it considering this is suppose to be the prelude to the actual movies (if i read the article a few months back correctly) and she was a kid in those as well, so adding her to this movie would make her alot older then but idk

Cannonball - again im trying to think of characters that havent seen the big screen yet or you could make a younger version of for this movie, and well i just love cannoball

Storm, Cyclops & Jean - a younger version from the ones we seen in the original movies plus the older version of them in the future might be really cool

Its a time travel story and we are focused on it having to do with the actual Days of future past comic, more then likely fox will totally toss 8 stories together to make the movie so with that being said

Bishop & Cable would be nice additions

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If this is a sequel of the previous film, I'd use the same cast of First class pluss someone else, with Polaris, Havok, Beast, Banshee, Darwin(bring him back) and Xavier as the X-Men and Magneto, Emma, Azrael, Avalanche and Mistique as the Brotherhood.

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Rachel, cable, bishop, shard, an adult psylocke, an adult iceman with better control of powers, the 3 in 1 & quentin quire or maybe Vulcan, petra, sway, & a surviving darwin

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Sage or Domino

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I'd ditch the Brotherhood and the recognizable characters. I'd go with seeing characters that could really be heroic in such a horrible setting (i.e. the mutants most likely not to fight and get killed or captured immediately): Empath, Roulette, Beef, Tarot, Gateway and/or Magik (to give them a way back to their time), Karma, Rahne, Cannonball, Monet, Jubilee, Synch and of course Rachel Summers. I'd prefer to see younger characters that would have grown up under this regime versus older ones who would remember how it was before. I'd like to see Polaris there in two time settings = meeting Alex in the present and both of them developing an attraction, and then as an old lady in the future who has some idea as to what happens.

We can see some recognizable X-Men die in a fighting scene at the beginning or just their names on tombstones (or to make it more macabre, just their nametags hanging off of body bags that are piled in a scrapyard somewhere).

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