What are the chances the mcu will adapt somethings from Hickmans run for a x men movie ?

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Anyone ?

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Very likely, especially if he re imagines and uses Sinister considering how awfully Sinister is usually presented. I think one of the reasons the films have avoided using Sinister is because of how garish and over the top he has been throughout his existence. We'll have to see what else he does with the franchise. Very little has actually been taken from Hickman's Avengers stuff outside of the Black Order, who were nothing more than something for the Avengers to punch while Thanos did other things.

Though, Kevin "the right way of thinking" Fiege has discussed how he wants use lesser known mutants and deal with more social issues, so, who knows what awaits the X-Men when they finally become part of the corporate consumer culture known as the MCU. The films could feature Anole, X-23, and Indra fighting allegories for the media stereotypes of Trump supporters potentially. At which point I'm done.

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more than likely alot, figured they are trying to align the new X men with the New MCU for all audiences or whatever

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Depends on the run...

I don´t think it will borrow much tho.

But then again, lets wait first.

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Very low, even if the run would be outstanding. MCU just prefers to pick a few things he likes and then go off on his own.

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It really depends on how well his two series are received. If everyone embraces his work and exclaim how good it is, the MCU is certain to take notice.

If his work is just meh, they’ll ignore it.

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