Uncanny X-Men Magneto vs Psylocke

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I'm just confused. Was Magneto actually trying? Or am I missing something and Psylocke can take out Magneto and just got this power boost somewhere?

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No Psylocke is one of the most underwritten characters in the Marvel Universe. On good days she defeats the Shadow King on the astral plane and Magneto in a room full of metal. On a bad day she gets hair-pummeled by big hair-girl Medusa (while she has superhuman reaction and a telekinetic sword that could easily give Medusa a trim down).

But run down her powers: Telepathy, on a good day Emma/Xavier level, on a bad day barely able to read a mind. Telekinesis, on a good day able to throw mountains (specially, when Carey writes her). On a bad day just able to lift simple objects.

I hope you get my point. Psylocke's power level is so writer dependent it is silly. Marvel used to be the company that was a bit consistent on this, but that is long ago.

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@storcks: The same can be said for Magneto.

He probably could have dropped an actual island on her and he still would have lost in a silly way because for this fight I guess Besty had to seem right. . .even though she's a monster of a hypocrite and can't actually justify murdering him in cold blood.

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She got jean's tk

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That was depowered Magneto, he still didn't recover his power post-AvX, and even then he seemed to have planned that all, his death and such.

And battle was by default bulshit, Magneto all of sudden turns off his inpenetratable forcefield in a middle of battle.......because reasons. Even then he throws the rocks and the wooden trees back at Psylocke(yes, Magneto can manipulate all matter, he always could) and was pretty much dominating her.

And there is another inconsistency as well, in the same comic book series(Uncanny X-Men) it was shown that Magneto doesn't need helmet for defence against TP, in fact we had Psylocke entering his mind and communicating with him while he had his helmet on, though he drives her off without even trying and gives her nosebleed.

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I see Jean greys telekinesis is still protecting Psylocke and taking down baddies like magneto. Even from beyond, our Queen still works miracles.lol

I dunno about the fight, any telekinetic (Exodus, bate grey, Jean grey), should easily be able to accomplish this and attack magneto internally with telekinesis. But he's usually written in a way that they don't beat him, so it kind off looks weird and off. It was a great fight anyway, a good showing for Psylocke, compared to the rubbish that happened with Medusa in IVX

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It was a sloppy conclusion but one that left enough ambiguity for wishful interpretation (or maybe even not just int.).

Mags powers are probably normal at this point, he hadn't suffered from blackouts like he did in the first issue and he was in the healing therapies with Xorn, not only that he also singlehandedly defeated Genocide and Exodus, both would eat Psylocke for breakfast, pretty obviously. Now in that fight not only Mags pulled his punches for some reason (remember how he fractured her sword and didn't even attack her with its pieces? convenient) and all in all wasn't even bothered, with this careless state of mind for someone who knows he's in a fight to the death. I mean, it really did look like he isn't really trying. So he probably planned this whole showdown all along, he only was surprised because didn't wholly believe she'll actually give him that final killshot. Hence why Exodus and Elixir show up so convinently, once again, in time and in a perfect teamup.

In the end, even when Betsy thought she did something right, she was still played by Mags, just like she was this entire run. Which is quite funny I guess, because with her hypocritical holier than thou attitude she deserved no less.

Bunn really does suffer from dry endings with this title.

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@storcks: I don't know I always put Betsy as realllyy freaking powerful but her telepathy wasn't really up to the level of Emma Frost or Xavier skill or power wise (Power might be closish but I don't think skill), and I definitely didn't put her to Magneto's level. Although does she really have Jean Grey level telekinesis she was always shown to use it to create weaponry and enhance her self rather then lift things or push/rip people.

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Psylocke has become a self-deluded, self-righteous, and joyless woman. She has no grounds to judge others, not even Magneto. Hopefully she'll stab herself next time.

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@psychichobo: I specifically remember her and Jean switching powers, Jean gaining telepathy and Psylocke Telekinesis. But Psylocke died and I thought they clarified that she wasn't as powerful as she used to.

Now, I guess maybe from the X-Force books, Jean Grey from AoA was/is protecting Psylocke? Someone explain please.

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So Psylocke gets taken out by hair but can so easily dispatch the Master of Magnetism?.... Yeah wake me up when people actually get some sense

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@pyrofn: Yeah I didn't really understand that I mean I read x-force but I just thought it was telepathy and AOA Jean expanded her psyche making her a powerful telepath. I thought her telekinesis was either slightly buffed or unaffected.

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@hawk2916: I'm not so sure the X-Men books are gonna have "Sense" in them for a while or atleast until Marvel gets their shit together.

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Needless to say, I actually liked issue. Bunn had done a decent job building different things, alluding to them all in this issue. The Psylocke/Magneto dynamic is an interesting one. She isn't hesitant to kill, but she has morals that keep her not only grounded, but those around her. That is what I got from this issue. Bunn is a solid writer and can't wait for Blue.

As for Magneto vs Psylocke, it was surprising that Betsy won, though I don't see why it would be a bad thing with the way Bunn handled it. The conversation never alluded to her power, nor did she all of sudden through bullcrap win. No, Bunn was making it clear through dialogue that neither of them wanted this to happen, ergo Magneto was holding back.

That said, Betsy did win by killing him. She called his bluff in the issue, and he didn't think she had the guts to do it. We knew Betsy had it in her, but he didn't, and for some reason it surprised her too. Maybe she never expected it to be so hard to take down Magneto with his history of treachery and making sacrifices that she felt could be avoided. This kind of shows how they were looking out for one another. They may not have been the best of friends, but there was a sense of care and relationship building throughout the run.

I'll be honest, I'm a little sad that this team is breaking up, but it was gonna happen eventually, also wish I could have seen more Rachel earlier on, but Bunn probably either never intended to put Rachel in there or he didn't expect to not have enough time to fully utilize Rachel.

I don't know, maybe my ignorance is showing or something.

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@hawk2916: I'm sure you r overreacting. Magneto was clearly holding back, and we see from their thoughts and dialogue that neither wanted this to happen, but it was a long time coming. Magneto made the wrong call thinking Betsy couldn't stomach killing him. I'm sure Magneto was holding back against every other X-Man he's faced and has one against them or whatever. The point of the issue was less this character vs this character, and more on the damaged relationship between the two people. I know Magneto wouldn't let sentiment get in the way of his plans, but there was no plan happening at this moment and Magneto even felt that she was right in some way. Nonetheless, he is slotted to make mistakes and the writer did well in conveying that Magneto underestimated her.

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Why on Earth would Betsy bring a metal sword to kill Magneto? She knows better. Bunn should've known better. I saw someone mention Psylocke's pursuit of Mags was "hamfisted" and I totally agree. What moral high ground is she judging him from as someone who's addicted to killing? ...and seriously, if she knew it was going to come to this and she knows he knows she's coming for him, how about she get a special sword made a la Kill Bill that Magneto can't manipulate?

AND THEN she does the dang thing, and I was like...ok, good for her....until any impact Erik's death may have had gets erased just a few pages later....WHY?! Why even bother dedicating an entire issue to just him and Bets if the results of their encounter count for nothing? I complain a lot, I know, but the writing here is just bad.

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I complain a lot, I know, but the writing here is just bad.

You really don't. It was a sub par, poorly thought and badly executed issue. It deserves even more complaining because the fight, which was front and center of the story, was also ill performed and so cliched it was painful to read. I mean how many times we can hear "you bring metal to the fight with MoM!!!" in its multiple varieties line until someone finally realizes that this is a tasteless caricature since like last two decades?! And Bunn is supposed to be "Magneto's top writer since Claremont!" huh? He really does need to read some Claremont to know what going wild with superpowers really means I guess. You have a fundamental force manipulator clashing with a city level (at her best of course, but why not reawaken that power when you have a perfect opportunity and a need for it - she also possesses a Death Seed, once again, she was supposed to need it all) telekinetic. And you happen to be a comic book writer given a pretty good artist to illustarate your fantasies - go frikking wild, blow our minds, but that? That was pathetic. I'm not even talking about half assed motivation and plot conveniences.

It's actually kinda sad because I enjoyed a big part of this run, characterizations and plots for the most part. But this conclusion, it was just that bad it easily ruined the impression in general I must say. I was left mindnumbingly disappointed.

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@pyrofn: yeah sure. It's always the longtime readers that are overreacting. I like Bunn too but I expected a little better from this little one shot conclusion to the series. I was actually more interested in Monet going forward as opposed to these hypocrites fighting over being hypocritical

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#20 Posted by PyroFN (556 posts) - - Show Bio

@hawk2916: Actually, Monet was the one who had annoyed me during the run. Nor was I crazy about her insertion to the Inner Circle as the White Queen, though Psylocke being Black Queen did catch my attention. Pity that was only a teasing fantasy, rather than something Psylocke was even considering.

Back on Monet, she was mostly just there as flirtation/competition with Sabertooth.

As far as the hypocrites things, who did you mean exactly?

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@pyrofn: Psylocke and Magneto were being hypocrites and fighting for hypocritical reasons. Like I said I'm a fan of pretty much all the characters except for the Sabretooth thing and of course anytime someone chooses to use Fantomex. I liked Monet though I would have preferred to have a better explanation of her reason for joining the team than just Madrox dying.

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Like it was mentioned before it looked like the whole thing was staged by Magneto anyway, and that he planned to let her kill him so he could disappear. I mean the dialogue in the end, and the fact that the exactly right mutants show up at the right time, doesnt really leave any other conclusion.

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@hawk2916: I don't know how, but I didn't notice any hypocritical reasoning from either Magneto or Psylocke, not that it would be suprising for Magneto of all people to be hypocritical.

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Let's face it, mags' raw power is subsiding because of age. Psylocke had a double upgrade with jean's tk and aoa jean unlocking her full potential. Also, his brother gave him psychic attack immunity, which didn't work with jean.

Though it really seem mags held back

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This fight was horrid. Magneto should have wiped the floor with Psylocke. If Marvel Comics is anything about, its that the bad guys win nowadays.

But in all seriousness Magneto's reluctance was so out of character and for him to not predict the telekinetic katana, trademark of Psylocke was just asinine and to top it all off, it meant nothing because Magneto came back.

It was all a waste of time.

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@pyrofn: I don't know how either but to each his own. Like I said I thought it was ridiculous and not a good ending to the series though I liked Bunn's run overall and hate that it's ending in favor of him doing yet another force fed reboot of the O5

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@hawk2916: I guess He probably had plans for something to actually take place, but the deadline was drawing near.

As for the O5, it could have worked, but Bendis was at the helm. There are also other things wrong as evidently the characterization of our favorite characters are being butchered. I don't know if the writers are incompetent or just being pressured by the higher ups, but something isn't working. Needless to say, with Jean being gone for so long, I'd much rather have a Jean than no Jean, so long as there is still a chance for a good writer. At this point in time, I pretty much accepted the fact that until they at least explain what is still keeping the O5 there, since the tear in time and space should effectively be fixed after Secret Wars, they aren't going anywhere.

And you also come at another crossroads. To send the O5 back, there would have need of a plot-device of some sort to undo all that had happened to O5. Because now, as I had predicted, the O5 had grown up, as evidence of Jean being in college, to go on top of the Angel Wings situation. Moving on is gonna be hard for the X-Men with all the crap they've gotten as of late

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@pyrofn: they've written themselves into a corner. They may only be keeping the O5 around because they don't know how to get rid of them logically lol

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@marvelfan1992: Unless the people around here who say they hate plot devices want Marvel to use a plot-device to retcon or send them back, the answer for the O5 is probably to explain them away as alternate versions whom were replaced after Secret Wars.

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@pyrofn: That would be the easiest and simplest way to do it. Just explain away that they are from an alternate universe shouldn't be too hard considering how out character they are written and there you have it. I'm just the opposite, I'd rather have no Jean at all then to have a badly written one. The O5 was a bad concept to begin with and at most should have been a story arc or event(cant believe I said that) as opposed to an ongoing. Better yet if Beast wanted to really affect Scott which mummy opinion was done in the most ridiculous way, then it would have been far more acceptable to just bring Jean from the past but for it to be Jean from slightly before she died in Morrison's run. Really that's mostly what the O5 have been about besides the ridiculous cosmic hot wings and the bs creatures they are calling Iceman and Cyclops.

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@hawk2916: I actually would have loved that idea about using Morrison's Jean. You just made the concept work, even by changing it to just Jean. Its done though. At this point, I can't tell how they will fix this mess. They don't seem to want to get rid of the All-Grown Up 5.

On the separate note of the O5 being out of character, it would work for them to be alternates, but what's their excuse for all the actual current members?

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