Secondary Mutations

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We're aware of the obvious ones: Emma Frost's diamond form, Wolverine's olfactory senses, etc. But what are the less obvious secondary mutant powers? I've read somewhere that Cyclops is supposed to have telepathy as his secondary ability (I don't know where this comes from). Any other strange examples?

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Cyclops is not a telepath

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Would Colossus count? I mean metal skin doesn't neccesarily mean super strength (enough of it to handle the standard hulk apparently according to Hulk himself in WWH) but he has both. Not sure which would count as the secondary mutation.

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Do you mean the theory that Cyclops has telekinesis? Because that's the only way to keep his head from being ripped off by the force of his optic blasts? Well, the official explanation for Cyke's eyebeams is that he's actually teleporting the beam from an alternate dimension of pure force or something, so he's not actually blasting anything and any blowback would go back into the other dimension, not his neck.

Anyway, check the page for secondary mutation here, and other places as well. Even wikipedia has a list:

  • Gambit (Remy Lebeau): Gambit is able to psionically suggest things to people using his hypnotic charm. It allows him to exert a subtle influence over sentient beings, leading them to believe what he says and agree with his suggestions. This charm is so powerful that if given a chance, Gambit could charm the Shadow King. However, the charm does not work on those who know about it. It is also a passive mutation and he cannot actively control it. He is unable to go up to a stranger and say "Jump off a bridge" but if the setting is right and he works up to it (in his trademark style) then he can influence people. He also has empathy and can feel -- and according to some sources, influence -- others' emotions. Gambit was recently blinded as one of his own kinetically-charged cards blew up in his face. During his state of blindness, he developed a precognitive ability. When his vision was restored, this power disappeared.
  • Polaris (Lorna Dane): after having her mutant powers leeched by her supposed-sister, Zaladane, Lorna developed the first recorded case. Her body mass had increased, along with her strength and resistance to injury. When her secondary powers were used, it developed negative emotions in anyone around her. Later, Lorna regained her original powers after Zaladane's death, and her secondary mutation vanished. This was retconned to be the first known secondary mutation when the concept was first introduced.
  • Beast (Hank McCoy): He developed a higher level of power mutation after being seriously injured by the villain Vargas. Sage attempted to use her ability to "jump start" mutation to save his life. This resulted in Beast evolving from his original simian form into a giant feline form. However, it is unclear if this is a true secondary mutation or if this is the result of permanent alteration to his genetic structure resulting from self-experimentation and the mutagenic abilities of Infectia.
  • Angel (Warren Worthington III): discovered his new power while being wounded in a battle with a group of werewolf-like mutants called the Dominant Species. Both he and his teammate Husk were severely wounded. Husk almost died, but was brought back through contact with Warren's blood seeping in through wounds on her own body. His blood gained a healing property that can be used to mend and regenerate others of the same blood type. This activation was then retconned as having occurred earlier, in a battle against Black Tom Cassidy, when his skin turned from blue to normal (later described as a result of his healing factor activating). Angel had previously been modified byApocalypse; whether this included genetic alterations has never been clarified.
  • Iceman (Bobby Drake): his supposed secondary mutation was greatly increasing his ice manipulation abilities, but leaving him trapped in his organic ice form and unable to transform back to flesh and blood. Many years ago, Emma Frost had previously shown Bobby a glimpse of these powers as he was able to live on as moisture. However, after the events of M-Day, where over 90% of the world's mutant population became depowered, Bobby is once more able to revert back and forth.
  • Black Tom (Black Tom Cassidy): Black Tom's original mutation allowed him to look like a normal human being with an ability to channel concussive blasts from wood. However, in Chuck Austen's Dominant Species storyline, Black Tom suffered a secondary mutation that left him as a half-plant creature with a lost sense of humanity.
  • Phoenix (Jean Grey-Summers): After the storyline The Twelve, Jean Grey somehow managed to transfer her telekinetic powers to Psylocke, who also managed to transfer her telepathy to Jean Grey. For a time, Jean only had telepathic powers. However, when the NEW X-MEN series started, Jean's telekinetic powers had returned. Beast implied that it was the result of a secondary mutation for Jean. However, this appears to be retconned later, as it is revealed that at some unspecific point, Jean merged again with the Phoenix Force and that perhaps the Phoenix had given her back her telekinesis.
  • Toad (Mortimer Toynbee): Toad's original powers have increased and he has gained additional powers through further mutation, including adhesive saliva, and a prehensile, elongated, protractible and sticky tongue. He also has gained the ability to extend his tongue great distances and ensnare objects and people. His tongue is superhumanly strong and tough to the extent that he once squeezed a magistrate of Genosha to death. He is also able to secrete an adhesive resin from his hands and feet that paralyzes the nervous system of any living organism that touches it. His tongue secretes odorless pheremonous venom that he is able to use to control minds to a limited extent. Toad also possessed the ability to psionically communicate with amphibian life (which he often uses as spies), and to expel powerful gusts of wind from his lungs capable of knocking someone down.
Although never fully stated as a secondary mutation, some other mutants had shown abilities that were very different from their primary mutation.
  • Elixir (Josh Foley): Initially, when Josh's healing powers manifest, he looked like a normal teenage boy. However, after being brutally attacked by Wolfsbane, Elixir was forced to heal himself. The result of which, caused Josh's body to undergo a second, this time physical, mutation, turning his skin from flesh tone to gold. Later, Josh's powers undergo another change, with the revelation of his death touch, which also turns his skin black. Though this can be seen as the two facets of the same power to control human biological functions (both healing and killing) as opposed to just a healing power.
  • Wolverine (James Howlett): When Wolverine lost his adamantium skeleton, his body reverted to a more feral state, looking completely different than his human form. Whether this was a secondary mutation remains to be shown, although it could have been his body regressing as opposed to a mutation of sorts. It has been later shown that unlike other mutants, Wolverine constantly mutates, but this process is typically retarded by the adamantium in his skeleton forcing his body to expend most of its effort on preventing him from dying of metal poisoning.
  • Siryn (Theresa Cassidy): Siryn's secondary mutation first appeared in the new X-Factor series. Siryn is able to influence and control other human beings with her sonics, as well as cause them to enter a hypnotic state. Siryn can also cause the intended person to fall in love with her without regard to gender or sexual orientation and carry out her wishes and commands, like mythical Sirens.[32] Siryn once utilized this ability on Spider-Man, forcing him to divulge the truth about the Decimation of the mutants. It hasn't been clarified as to if she has developed a secondary mutation or has further developed her abilities.
  • Sharon Ginsberg: Sharon's original power was her large bat-like wings that extended from the upper part of her back and were capable of allowing her flight. When they were removed, and Sharon awoke in a hospital, she manifested tough, sharp claws instead of finger nails and tough, sharp fangs instead of teeth, and advanced strength and speed levels. She was able to quickly flex and snap out of the restraints she was in at the hospital, and her claws were sharp enough to kill Solomon O'Sullivan. It is unknown though if this was a new mutation or simply part of her original bat-like mutation, to go along with her bat-like wings.
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@imperial90 said:

Would Colossus count? I mean metal skin doesn't neccesarily mean super strength (enough of it to handle the standard hulk apparently according to Hulk himself in WWH) but he has both. Not sure which would count as the secondary mutation.

Hmmm I don't think so. I think it is attributed to his original mutation like Storm's energy sight.

Jean, Betsy, and Rachel have telekinesis and telepathy

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Ok guys i think you are totally misunderstanding what secondary mutation is to start with. A secondary mutation is a mutation that happens down the road. IE you can have a million powers that all manifest at puberty (kind of like Monet lol) and thats all your primary mutations. Secondary mutations come down later stages of your life, like to begin with beast was human then a big hairy blue ape, then during morrison's run he transformed into a cat like creature. For the longest Emma didn't have anything but telepathy but then she gained a new power, it was a secondary mutation.

People like wolverine who has enhanced senses, a healing factor, retractable claws, and enhanced attributes are all primary mutations because they all came about when he first manifested his powers during puberty.

While some one like Warren during puberty grew wings out his back (although i think he had them when he was born so not a great example? Not sure though so yea :-p) regardless of when his primary manifested it wasn't until he was a full grown adult that his healing blood power came into being, thus it was his "secondary" mutation. Mystique i believe had one, & Toad as well.

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@McKlayn: yeah Mystique's, was due to coming in contact with radiation it allowed her to gain a healing factor and also advanced her shapeshifting powers so she could alter her weight and change her appandages into weapons.

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