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I thought it would be fun for us X-Men fans to rate X-Men comic book runs. To find out what are the most popular X-Men titles.

I do intend to go through all the team titles and solo titles. Some comic runs I haven’t red. You will notice that in my opinions I also have highlights category

Now we have another recent team series

X-Men Gold

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So this is a 2017 series and ended in 2018. It focuses on Kitty lead a new X-Men team.


Kitty Pryde, she was written well in this series

Kitty interactions with Colossus

Prison Story

Mojo crossover

Wedding issue, happy that Gambit and Rogue got married, what they said to one another was very sweet. But Kitty and Colossus should of got married. Rogue and Gambit getting married seem very forced

Please rate this series out of 10. 10 being the highest etc

share your thoughts

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Somehow enjoyed bettee than red.

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7/10 for me.

Certainly not the greatest but a good series overall. Storylines were cohesive throughout which is always a plus.

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Okay stories, good art, horrible character management and treatment, forced queen Kitty solo, some good moments.

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Good: Team cast. Used other characters in the X-Men like Ink and Magma. Good story concepts. Stormcaster was utilized. The marriage was actually a good issue by itself. Great art.

Bad: Disappointingly nerfed Rachel is my biggest gripe. So much advertisement for clickbait when it came to the wedding. The Dark Rachel Saga was basically supposed to be her Dark Phoenix Saga, but they basically did the entire Saga in one issue. Very anticlimactic. Kurt and Rachel is very awkward to me. At least Red kind of rectifies that. The out of character moments, my god are they bad.

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This series actually made me dislike Kitty due to how often she was thrown in our face as being a competent leader that had to direct the others constantly. For me at least, it almost felt like a Kitty solo series with multiple guest stars.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Rachel and Kurt pairing, so this also didn’t work for me.

Finally, as a huge Rachel fan it was just painful watching the amount of abuse she was put through in this series. How many times was she taken out and had to be hospitalized? 3? Then mind controlled by Mesmero. Sigh.

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