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I thought it would be fun for us X-Men fans to rate X-Men comic book runs. To find out what are the most popular X-Men titles.

I do intend to go through all the team titles and solo titles. Some comic runs I haven’t red. You will notice that in my opinions I also have highlights category

Now we have another recent team series

X-Men Blue

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This is a 2017 series that ended in 2018. This series was about the time-displaced x-men, Magneto and Polaris


Time-displaced x-men meeting X-Men 2099 and Generation X team of the 90's

Mojo story

Porlaris spending time with her father.

Did this series have any highlights

Please rate this series out of 10. 10 being the highest etc

share your thoughts

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Jean grey & X men gets 3.5 for me excluding mothervine.

Mothervine is a 8.

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@mrnihal said:

Jean grey & X men gets 3.5 for me excluding mothervine.

Mothervine is a 8.

I give this series solid 3/10. This series was terrible. It was all over the place. first it was about the Time-displaced x-men , then Magneto and Polaris and then it went back to being about the time-displaced x-men. It almost like the writer didn't know who too focus on.

It should stick with focusing on teen Jean leading the team and Magneto being a mentor and having a secret agenda.

Jimmy Hudson suck

Bloodstorm suck. If she didn't look like storm she would been cool. She a vampire. Seeing her changing into bats is cool.

Why do people like the Mothervine story , I thought it suck.

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7/10. This series is entirely underrated. Way better than Gold.

Good: Jean was an actual leader here who made actual decisions before we got Red. We got some Scott and Jean moments that made it feel like old times. The Mothervine arc is fantastic. Polaris was bad***. Magneto is always a delight. Bloodstorm is a cool addition. Beast with magic is the most interested that I’ve ever been with this character. Danger was delightful. Briar Raleigh was a delight.

Bad: Plotlines are a bit all over the place. Goblin Queen started off as a threat. Ended up being a disappointment. Time-Travel was integrated. Expected, but not welcome. Emma Frost was okay. Emma Frost should be better than okay when written. Jean was dragged into an event, effectively taking her out of the book, which left the O5’s moping for a good period in space. Good for character with the adventure. The O5 were stuck in space, so you had them doing nothing.

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The writing was decent in spots, but the O5 hanging around as long as they did was just dumb. Also, they way over powered Teen Jean.

For me the highlights of this series were seeing Magneto and Polaris together and Danger acting as their transportation while making snarky comments.

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Would be less if it wasn't for the Magneto and Emma stuff ( I couldn't stand the time travel X-Men)

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@time1: um why would she be better if she didn't look like storm. 1 storm never looks bad and 2. whats the problem with bloodstorm or storm in general.

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