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Hi guys , I thought it would be fun for us X-Men fans to rate X-Men comic book runs. To find out what are the most popular X-Men titles.

I do intend to go through all the team titles and solo titles. Some comic runs I haven’t red. You will notice that in my opinions I also have highlights category

I also like to say thank you to everyone, for taking parts in my threads.

Now we have another team series

We have a more recent series, that ended this year.

X-Men Red

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So this series started in 2018 and ended in 2019, this is Jean Grey leading a new X-Men team.


Jean Grey, she was great

Cassandra Nova

and Gabby

Please rate this series out of 10. 10 being the highest etc

share your thoughts please

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Didn't like gabby.

The agenda took much space for my taste.

Too crowded of A listers but little use of them.

The book was too self contained .

Personally felt like a dig at Cyclops.

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@mrnihal said:


Didn't like gabby.

The agenda took much space for my taste.

Too crowded of A listers but little use of them.

The book was too self contained .

Personally felt like a dig at Cyclops.

I give the series a solid 7/10 too.

Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova were written well. I thought Gabby was funny.

I do feel Storm, Gambit and Namor were under used.

I was disappointed that this series only had 11 issues. I think it was much better than X-Men Blue and Gold and should of lasted longer.

Also was disappointed that Cassandra Nova was the only real threat to Jean grey. she should of encounter other villains in the series.

I also liked the new character Trinary, I doubt she be used again. When was the last time we saw Eva Bell or even Dust.

Why do feel this series was having a dig at Cyclops

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Yeah around 6/7.


Great art, character voices where mostly great. Totally behind the message though it may have held the book back a bit, but the overall writing was satisfying.


The plot kept feeling stretched out, mostly in the first 4 issues whic is where the whole team finally was made. The cast was far too large with popular characters that got sidelined, and it felt like it fell apart in the end.

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I gave it a 7-7.5/10. I’m glad we got a story where it told what it wanted, not a new arc every 2-3 issues. Taylor got the team he wanted, he told the story he wanted and it finished up. No major status quo garbage that “would shake the foundation going forward” and would just be ignored by the next writer. It had a beginning, middle, and end without being under the guise of a mini.

Cons: I liked the team but as I can tell from everyone else, major characters just were kind of there. Being a big Namor and Gambit fan, they didn’t do much of anything aside from just provide the sea base. Gabby was shoehorned hardcore, and becoming the voice of reason over several seasoned and high ranking X-Men quite a few times wasn’t my cup of tea. I don’t hate her, I actually like her in X’s current solo series and their dynamic. But she should be the last person giving advise. I felt Rachel was done a bit dirty as well, and Nova being the only villain was meh, but I’m glad they stuck to their guns with her.

Overall, just lukewarm, but I feel it was a necessary step in the right direction of telling just superhero stories for once without forcing a massive agenda or some groundbreaking new stuff that doesn’t hold up past issue one of the next series.

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Surprise from me, but 8/10.

Loved: I love that Jean was the center of attention. Gabby was charming. Trinary was an interesting character in concept due to her superpower. Some great moments I could list off the top of my head. Beautiful art moments at points.

Needed Work: Cast was too big. The only ones really necessary for the story were Jean, Trinary, X-23, Kurt, Storm, and Gentle. Gabby, while lovely, wasn’t necessary. Gambit was used sparingly. That is not Gambits style. Namor didn’t do a thing aside from hand over his kingdom to Jean. Trinary is also great in concept, could’ve used more time to get to know her. She seemed a bit too straight forward. Some personality would have been good like maybe giving her some fascination with the technology, or make her so serious that she becomes a counter to Gabby’s whackiness, which creates funny interactions. Searebro. Nuff said.

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Positives- Jean was very quick in showcasing leadership skills and the ability to lead a title and set the tone for a series. Cassandra Nova was a great antagonist and we got a flesh out of her strengths weakness and most importantly how she deals with loses and setbacks, arguably she set out with a plan and escalated the stakes to a point that i don't think any other X-team couldve convincingly overcome. The coloring fo the book was great and global travel was helped greatly by the different feels of the different locations.

I love that throughout this series we see them building toward a clash of ideas and watch as both the X-Team and Nova escalate against eachother.

Negatives- Jean is emotionless. The art never expresses anything for her, and for as much as Jean and Nova's conflict is based around empathy and emotion, Jean seems to talk about feelings perform acts of empathy alot more then she showcases them. A woman blows up in front of her she's not phased, a fellow X-Man and a woman she considers her daughter are kidnapped and mindcontrolled and she doesnt seem phased personally. Hell it could even be argued that she's actually annoyed by everyone being negative and is only out to fix the world and stop Nova because it's messing up her ressurection high.

The cast is a problem. The older X-Men are more set pieces and familiar faces who don't do anything except get a nice line an issue and get our attention on the covers. The newer X-Men are really forced, with alot of what they do coming off as justification for them being there then anything else. Gentle isn't a character here, he's a plot piece for Jean to show empathy and for Trinary to have a love interest. Trinary is a plot device whose only purpose on any level is based around Nova being a tech villain. Gabby..... smh. Gabby is great in small doses. Here, she's annoying as hell as she has answers and fake-sage like wisdom for everyone. The scene where she gives Jean the idea of how to attack Nova and the final defeat of Nova are so silly they hurt since it dumbs down others to make her useful.

Overall- It's fun. If it had been a 24 issue series with the same plot I could've seen these problems being crippling. But even still the plotting was good and every issue improves upon the last. For what seems like a lot of negatives, the book it's self is pretty solid without a single bad issue and in retrospect as Jean's return is filled with more personal characterization the lack of emoting in this series becomes less of a problem. And I can't really say that if the book continued after this story it wouldn't have fleshed out the background characters more.

But in the end the series ended with me wanting more X-Men: Red

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I liked having Jean back, but Gabby being a classic Mary Sue and the overly large cast ruined it for me.

Nova was good as a villain, but once again Rachel ended up getting the short end of the stick. She can’t get a break can she?

And finally, Tom Taylor doesn’t know how to write.

Show don’t tell.

Show Don’t Tell.

Show. Don’t. Tell.

If the characters have to have a running exposition throughout the story, you are failing as a writer.

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