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Hey there everybody, I'm relatively new to comics and currently have shown immense interest in the Extraordinary X-Men series, but have a question/problem. Would i be at a loss if i didn't start reading from issue #1 or is it alright if i start reading from the latest story arc or issue?

Thanks to anyone who can answer or provide any advice/insight on my issue(pun intended).

This question would really also go for any comic series too.

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You'd be at a loss to read any of the current stuff. If you are a new reader to X-men I'd be dedicated and start from Giant Sized. They are old but much better stories. In fact that's what I've done in this current landscape just started from the beginning to get my fix. Right now I'm reading "In Search of Mutant X".

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@hectorluera: I agree with @HAWK2916 that the older stuff is better, but if you must read new comics, you could start with X-Men: Gold #1 next month. I understand that this will replace Extraordinary X-Men which is finishing at issue 20.

This guide on the forum might be helful if you want to get into the old stuff:

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@hawk2916: Thanks i'll take your's and @tristanheron's advice, though i'd like to know why you think i'll be at a loss with the new stuff, I'm currently reading All New X-Men and enjoying so far.

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@hectorluera: Because it's not real X-men. It's cheap imitations and social pandering, forced events and lazy writing. It's an insult to even call it writing or storytelling. People are paying 4 and 5 dollars for really what boils down to 2-3 pages worth of actual content. You'll find much better story ideas and characterizations on these boards and I doubt there are many professional writers here

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@hectorluera: Yes, you will be at a loss if you don't start from the first issue. That goes for most comic book runs.

I remember when I was getting into comics and I wanted to read all the current X-Men books. If that's what you want to do, awesome, but most people here(myself included) will tell you that the classic runs are more worth your time. If you like Bronze Age comics, then check out something like The Dark Phoenix Saga or Days of Future Past by Chris Claremont. These are the most famous X-Men story arcs, but they're dated and can be off-putting to modern readers. If that's the case for you, then maybe try something recent like Grant Morrison's New X-Men or Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men.

Oh, and forgive @hawk2916. We X-fans are jaded and bitter.

Edit: If you want, skim through this thread. It'll give you some good starting points.

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@sprior93: i'm grateful for the advice and suggestions you gave I'll definitely check out the Astonishing X-Men, New X-Men and Days of future past, but I will also continue to/start reading the current stuff as I quite like them so far.

But again thanks for the insight and advice.

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