New X-Men game, "X-Men: Destiny" is coming.......

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“Activision and Marvel have announced a new X-Men game, due to “invade game consoles” in Fall 2011. X-Men: Destiny has you playing a new recruit amongst comic’s motley mutant band, and promises a “branching storyline that features a deep element of choice.” Dare we envision a Marvel-fueled Mass Effect?

Activision also notes that X-Men: Destiny will grant “players ultimate control of their destiny,” which means at least one mutant will have the uncanny ability to spontaneously alter and contradict the contents of a dictionary. The story will be penned by X-Men: Legacy’s Mike Carey.”  
a trailer is due to drop on IGN 
possibly later today......  
what does anyone think?

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Ok if i'm not mistaken G-man pitched a very similar idea like a week ago. Damn G-man should have gotten the copy rights lol.

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too bad for him! 
the trailer is pretty interesting 
I see Cyke, Wolverine, Magneto, Nightcrawler,  Havok or Pyro, Emma or Dazzler, and a few others 
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This has the potential to be very cool but at the sametime it could fail hard.

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very true 
but I love the option of being able to make a mutant 
the possibilities are pretty exciting
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