New reader- what should i pick up next?

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Recently i've been getting into x-men comics because ive now got the time to read them. ive read morrisons and whedons runs and really enjoyed both, and am wondering which would be decent books to pick up next?

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Uncanny X-Force is an amazing title by Remender. Wolverine and the X-Men is pretty good (except the AvX tie ins, which are IMO okay), X-Factor is pretty fun.

If you want to get up to speed with current issues, read Messiah Complex and Second Coming, two X-Men crossovers then head straight to the currently ongoing but going to end soon, Avengers Vs X-Men (which is doing OKAY IMO, falling into the realms of stupidity at times)

But yeah, if you've read Morrison's run and loved Fantomex, read Uncanny X-Force. It has probably some of the best modern day story arcs, The Apocalypse Solution and The Dark Angel Saga.

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You should try anything by Remender, Gillen, or Aaron.

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@MrPsycho: X-Factor, X-Men Vol.3 (from #30) and Uncanny X-Force. The only good titles out atm, and if you like Dazzler, try X-Treme X-Men.

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Uncanny X-force by Rick Remender it's one of the BEST X-men books ever

Wolverine and the X-men is good as well.

Uncanny X-men is good as well but it's ending in three issues (what a pity.

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Yeeeaaaaaah. Uncanny's only your type if you're a fan of a series that focuses more on the antagonist/enemy than on the cast itself. Truthfully speaking, it is not that good.

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Think I might pick up UXF then, whats ultimate x men like? Plus is it worth reading messiah complex etc with marvel now? Sorry ive got so many questions haha

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