If the X-men films could give you ONE thing. What would it be?

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If the X-films could do ONE thing for you-- JUST ONE. What would it be?

Add a specific character to the films?
Focus on a certain arc?
Focus on a team?
Give a certain character a solo film?
Give a different take on an already established character?
Something else?


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I'd want Fox to handover the rights to Marvel .

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A decent sentinel

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mainly less clutter, i think thats the biggest problem with all the stories. SOOO many great characters and stories they try to do too much at once. Toss a few stories together, add in a billion characters with no screen time and it just doesn't flow. But to be more specific

A good Take on Cyclops, or maybe just Cannonball :D

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More Nightcrawler time.

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Don't recast Logan for a long time. Give the character time to cool off and explore some others. I'd love for Scott, Jean and Kurt to be the focus of the next movie (or three)

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A better Jean Grey!

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I would like to see them focus on one of the more iconic team line ups.

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A mutant massacre storyline that incorporates Gambit and Mister Sinister would be cool.

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Add a specific character to the films?

Focus on a certain arc? I would like is Legion Quest. no need for wolverine, kill Prof X off for good. hell the legion and his mom sex scene while pretending to be his his dad Prof X. would put people in shock. lol

or mutant Massacre as a lead into the Gambit Solo

Focus on a team? Original Marauders (Sinister, Blockbuster, Gambit, Lady mastermind, Mystic, Sabretooth Scrambler, Omega Sentinal, Prism, Vertigo) not a hero movies more Suicide squad style, cameos could be massive as well (Thor, Power pack (could open a new franchise there as well introduce Franklin Richards as well ) )

Give a certain character a solo film? Gambit Solo,

Give a different take on an already established character? X-Man on how he coped mentally from another timetime and his interactions with his 'new parents' scoot and gene in the current timeline, who never raised him. not necessarily his 'powers' more how the family unit worked with Scott and Jean had to deal with now having a third child from an alternate timeline.

Something else?

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for bigger actors

For more expensive production

For more advertising and publicity

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A proper fight with another mutant team, with all the characters fighting at once. Like one of these splash pages in live action.

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i wanna see more of Psylocke in the X-men Films or X-force. She's badass, sexy & Mysterious.

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I Storm, Emma, and Rouge to live up to their comicbook counterpart & storylines.

They always get washed over in favor of Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman.... Which Blows, because Storm and Cyclops are X-trinity...

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Banshee, but bring him back older and a bit more experienced. Colin Farrel maybe.

I also like @TristanHeron s suggestion. There have been too many solo fights, and while those are awesome and have their place, X-men is a team book. I'd like to see larger mutant on mutant team fights with teams actually coordinating with each other.

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A true version of the Juggernaut

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Bring in the Stepford Cuckoos trio. You could do a lot with them.

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If they could bring Emma Frost back.

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  1. No more Jennifer Lawrence. Yes, she's a great actress, but Mystique is taking too much time and space. It's time we get over her.
  2. A proper Angel. I want to see the beautiful Warren Worthington III with all his magnificent.
  3. HOUSE OF M PLEAAAAAASE!! Love that story and it would fit well with the characters we have right now, except that I would have Ian McKellen's Magneto over Fassbender's. I get that he's a bad guy with a deep backstory and complicated personnality, but he's still supposed to be a villain.
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Magneto turns Cyclops to the dark side

This entire cast of X-Men

  • Professor X
  • Jean Grey
  • Cyclops
  • Beast
  • Archangel
  • Iceman
  • Storm
  • Shadowcat
  • Colossus
  • Rogue
  • Gambit
  • Nightcrawler
  • Psylocke

Best portrayal of Jean Grey

Madelyne Pryor

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Reboot with the actual original X-Men and actually delve into their individual origins:

Scott lost his parents in a plane crash, grew up in an orphanage and was manipulated by Black Jack to rob banks.

Jean experienced her best friend's death on the astral plain.

Beast was a star athlete and prodigy but concocted a serum to cure his mutancy, instead mutating further.

Angel was a billionaire playboy who started as a masked vigilante, the Avenging Angel.

Iceman turned his garage into a walk-in freezer and nearly killed a bully by putting him on ice.

Give us a sense of the characters' perspective, how being a mutant affects their lives and celebrate the fact that the movie is based off of a comic book.

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