First Look at X-Men: First Class's Line-Up

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    I'm having flashbacks to the promo pics from the first movie in '99...
    I'm having flashbacks to the promo pics from the first movie in '99...
Comic Vine was there with you, every step of the way, when the casting announcements for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS were trickling in and here's what they've pooled into - - the purported first promo pic of the new X-Men in costume. Bleeding Cool's got this image, though it’s still pretty small to get a good look at or even be sure if it’s not a savy fan’s photoshop creation.

So, from left to right, it looks like you have…

Some quick observations…

  • The costumes look somewhere between the leather jumpsuits of the movies and the blue-and-yellow uniforms from the classic line up (and also that extended Shi’Ar storyline Jim Lee drew in the 90s.)
  • Havok does, indeed, seem to have the characteristic concentric circles symbol on his chest.
  • Moira looks like she's in a jumpsuit of her own. Maybe she'll be joining the X-Men in the field?
  • Kravitz is missing Angel's trademark seraphim wings. Perhaps she has different powers in this one?  
  • Beast and Mystique's make-up look almost exactly the same as they have been in previous movies. Azazel actually does look like a red Nightcrawler as previous reports have suggested.

Now, what do you Comic Vine maniacs think of this line-up of usual and unusual suspects?    


Here's some more images courtesy of Hero Complex
 == TEASER ==
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Update 2 

How about some more? Matthew Vaughn talked to SlashFilm about the first image. 
I freaked out on them yesterday. I don’t know where the hell that came from. I don’t think it’s a Fox image. It’s not a pre-approved image. When I found out, I said, what the fuck is this shit, and Fox is running around trying to figure out what happened as well. I agree. It’s like a bad photoshop, which maybe it was by someone. It didn’t reflect the movie. I was shocked when I saw it. I was like ‘Jesus Christ’…              
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And AICN posted a first look at the teaser poster. 

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Who thought this team was a good idea.  damn.

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They look alright in this photo but let's face it no Cyclops, no Storm and no Jean, this movie is a mess.

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Quite a lot of British actors there.

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ruh roh... 

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Looks interesting, but I'll wait for some footage from the film to give it a proper comment...

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Loving the costumes. The choice of characters? Not so much...
Serious lack of bald on McAvoy.

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good gawd....... Fassbender and McAvoy are both fantastic actors but this right here is a terrible photograph/photshop job. 
I imagine it's just the First Class crew trying to jump on the bandwagon that Captain America and Spider-man began last week

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Magneto and Professor x look to young to be older then the other x-men. So far this isnt looking promising to me if this is real. 
So far the only one i think looks good it Emma. I think what pulled off the look of Mystique in the last movies was the fact that she walked around naked. Mystique with clothes on just doesnt look real to me.
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Wow.  This looks seriously /facepalm bad.  Given everything leading up to this unveiling, I am going nowhere near this movie.

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@Chaos Burn said:
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Mystique looks too fake. I think its photoshop :P

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Could they not have given Emma a nice leather outfit rather than full on underwear?

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Okay, I've been optimistic about this, but  
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Bryan Singer should be legally prohibited from being in any way involved with any movie based on comic books for the rest of his life.
It's not enough to make two crappy movies that have virtually no semblance to the actual story, then abandon the series to ruin the Superman franchise, he has to come back and make the whole thing make even less sense? I just... Urghhh.
Edit: Also, am I the only one who thinks Beast's head just looks like someone 'shopped a picture of the Leprechaun from the horror movies of the same name so it was blue?
Double-Edit: Look closely at Angel's arm, she appears to have a tattoo that looks like insect wings on it. Why do these people need to dumb everything down so much?

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Emma is mighty fine. 
Yet, McAvoy looks like he's twelve. Azarael looks like a plastic fool and the cast (At least, primarily on the X-Men's side) baffles me greatly.

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Azazel and Angel something or other? Why in... no, rather, who in the world thought either of them were good ideas for any kind of X-Men movie whatsoever?
Might as well have just given that Angel chick a red shirt with her costume.
Can't we just bury any and everything Chuck Austen once and for all? :(

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I really don't know what to say about this. I want to be excited for it, but past failures in these X-Men movies makes me... cringe.

Kravitz is missing Angel's trademark seraphim wings. Perhaps she has different powers in this one?    

Maybe she's entering the movie universe as Tempest?
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I knew he was in it - but I didn't think he'd be this major of a focus. 
I am quickly loosing hope for this :(

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Nope, sorry - still looks like total crap. Hell it looks even worse than I would have thought actually.

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FAIL. Don't know why they are doing this again, this whole X-Men thing is in need of a serious reboot. This is not it and will get laughed at compared to Thor and Captain America.

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This has to be the strangest team line-up I have ever seen or heard of.

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Emma Frost equals win !

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No Wolverine nice, too bad  no psylocke, will wait and see big Havok fan so

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@ironshadow: I agree with you. They do look fine though. But I have a bad feeling that this movie won't be better than the first X-Men movie. Anyways, we'll see how it turns out.
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to be honest I think it doesn't look that bad. Besides what can get worse than  green lantern. 
The costumes are dope so far though

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@mrmisanthrope: spot on!
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What are they getting at with Emma? Insulting, really. If I were Jones I woulda kept my dignity and gave it to that wooden actress Alice Eve
and Mystique, on the X-Men? Reaaaallyyy?

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Surprisingly Emma looks pretty good.

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I cant beleive it. WTF they ruined X-men YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Most these charaxcters being first class makes no sense what-so-ever.  Also are they going for the cat version of beast becase in that picture it kinda looks like a blue version of Ron Pearman's character in the Beauty and the Beast tv show.
Also i guess they are using this movie as an explanation for where Mystique and Azazel meet and eventually concive Nightcrawler.

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This can't be real. This has to be photoshop. It looks sketchy. 
By the way. I know   Nicholas Hoult is 6' 2 but he has a baby face. That can't be a picture of him as Beast. Plus Emma Frost is very provocative but that literally looks like just underwear she's wearing. This is ridiculous . 
If I'm wrong I am deeply saddened by what we are all looking at here. This isn't very hopeful. 

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Honestly the costumes look like Star Trek but I still don't mind them but the line up looks really reallly dumb.
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to be honest I think it doesn't look that bad. Besides what can get worse than  green lantern. 
The costumes are dope so far though

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I'm so glad I saw this after a couple of drinks... I don't think I could stand this kind of bad news while completely sober :p

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Despite the large and wacky cast, if the focus is narrowed it might not be a big deal... X-Men was essentially Wolvie and Rogue, X2 was Wolvie and Nightcrawler, and X3 was Wolvie and Jean establishing the main plot and character arcs with a bunch of other smaller cameos. 
I won't comment on costume negatively just yet because context can sell a costume (heck, the original X-Men costumes were both a radical departure from the comics and not particularly well received until people saw the film where the costumes don't really appear until the end of the film, by then you've been sucked into their world and sense of design). 
My larger issue is in using this particular image with this composition to sell us our new team, cast, costume, etc.  I mean this is clearly a bunch of promotional stills artlessly stacked together into a faux group photo, a little too heavily bathed in shadow.  It feels cheap, rushed, and lazy which isn't the best first impression when trying to debut your cast / team / costumes. 
Other films have wisely eased us into it with costume design drawings or contextual stills or concept art.  I mean even Superman Returns- which also threw the costume into the deep end with a single promo image that some began nitpicking to death- at least gave a little more care to lighting, context, and posture (you immediately had a sense of the film's palette / lighting, the art deco background gave you context, and Routh stood in a Superman-like fashion).  Here the poses are fairly generic and say little for the most part (barring Emma and maybe Havok), and nothing else, leaving the audience to do nothing but nitpick the costumes the death.  Also the Spidey promo, again, context, lighting, and posture... much more information and storytelling- sense of quality- in that one shot of maskless Spidey than in this image.
It's too late to try and form a new first impression, but I wish they had put these characters in context... take the time and effort to compose a still that shows how these characters relate to one another, show the time and setting of the story, perhaps demonstrate some powers, and in all tell and sell me on a story.  That sounds like a lot of work but it really isn't when you consider these are adapted from comic books!  The medium knows how to compose a splash page or team shot that does all of the above.  Commission established comic artists to compose that image that shows Beast as agile and feral, Emma as bold and sexy, Havok as powerful, Xavier as a wise leader, etc. then either release that as art or use it as direction for setting up your first initial promo image. 
It sounds like a much ado about nothing, but marketing matters and I genuinely want comic films to do well.  Such a low resolution image that's so thrown together is a disappointment and not starting off on your best foot.

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January Jones? for Emma Frost? REALLY? NO Cyclops (although i couldn't care less about him) NO Storm and SURPRISINGLY NO WOLVERINE LMAO! cant wait for this movie! and it's reviews :D

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More than anything else, I'm excited for the sheer sixtiesness of it.

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meh. everything looks whatever. i think i would have rather they showed all of each costume instead of this "from the abyss" style lighting. It worked with the old xmen movies because they where black, but yellow doesn't look to smooth when its half hidden in shadows.  
 im probably gonna hate this movie anyway, as i still cling to my basic belief that with 60 years of comics, hollywood shouldn't try to re-write anything. If comics survived all these years as a medium very few took seriously, it must be good. Why change it? best case scenario you make something thats fun but does nothing to help people read the comics (I know 4 people now who cant read Superman stories because Smallville is different), and worse case you make crap  like Punisher War Zone and Wolverine Origins.

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Thanks Fox Studios for giving us the worst movie ever made, A$$holes...

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I'm holding judgment until I see the actual film.  I don't know why people complain so much when all we've seen are casting announcements and a single cast pic that could very well be photo shopped.  
I think it'll be a cool movie.  You'd have to reach Batman & Robin levels of suck to be any worse than X3.

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okay Im so tired of people hating on this movie just because it was made by fox now come on x-men one and x2 was made by them and every body and their mama loves those so whats the diffrence. yeah this isnt the best picture of all time but it is the first of probabley many so let up a little bit cause you guys are hating to hard on a movie you havent seen yet. ps I  feel that the costumes are okay i need to see them in better light plus this is what the comic book fans wanted right for them to give yalla plain copy and paste from the comics so here you go but I do like them
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The first though I had when looking at the Picture was photoshop.  
About Angel's wings... I hope she comes as Tempest, would make the film worth watching by itself. 
Azazel and Mystique... Cool.  
Havok's chest symbol make him look retarded for some reason.  
I think these costumes are slightly a bit too colourful for Real life.   
But I think the cast can be cool, just don't see non-comic book readers getting interesting by this, and lets face it, they make up the majority of people who are going to see this film. If there isn't any relatable/popular cast - are they going to like it?

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Any reason the red guy is wearing the trademark Magneto jacket from the first three movies? And what's up with Beast it looks like they forgot about him and photo-shopped him in afterward, also the face looks like he got smashed with the ugly hammer.

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If Hollywood wants people to stop bootlegging films, they need to put more effort into producing films that audiences would actually be willing to pay for. Seriously, this slapped-together rush job of a promo pic is supposed to make me want to pay $10 (and sacrifice 2 hours of my life) to see this film?! I'll pass, thanks. I'm sure I can catch it on TBS in a few years.
On the plus side, we may finally be getting an X-film that the made-for-TV Generation X movie from the 90s will look good next to. ;)

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Choice of characters aside, these costumes/uniforms are a huge improvement over the biker leather look of the X-Trilogy.

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Oh my gosh!  I get it.  This is suppossed to be the X-men, like Xavier was not just the founder but led the team from a wheel chair.  This is When Xavier was a young man and ON the team,  and so was Magneto and Mystique.  This is like what if Xavier was team leader and fought in the field, and not just found kids to do it for him.
Sort of like the Superman/Batman Generations idea where Robin was young Bruce Wayne's 1st disguise
Thats why Jean, Cyclops, or any of the others... Storm, aren't included.  Because they weren't born yet.

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