Finished Uncanny!

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Feels good to know I read all the Uncanny issues! Also read X-Factor and some X-Force along the way. Just finished Schism and am heading off to Barnes and Noble pretty soon to buy Uncanny Volume 2 (1-20). Then I have to wait till ALL NEW UNCANNY X-MEN COMES!

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Just gonna switch this to the X-Men forum.

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That sounds great! Happy continued reading. :)

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@xmentas: congratulations! I did this about a year ago (or, whenever I heard that the series was "ending") -it's a trip. It took me just over a month, which really screwed with my head when I had to go back to waiting weeks for the next twenty odd pages!

so now that you've seen it all, which periods stand out the most for you? Which arcs would you consider to be the most classic?

and, I think about this one a lot, which stories would you most recommend to a new reader? where would you suggest they start?

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@dangallant984: No kidding! Now as I wait for #4 of All New X-men to enter my mail, my brain is pounding for more! As for my favorite, well I loved the Phoenix saga, but who doesn't? All the Apocalypse stories were awesome. Funny how I can't really remember a lot of the classic battles before Wolverine, Storm etc joined, but when the 5 first fought the brotherhood on Asteroid M was pretty cool :) I love the classics. The new stuff in Utopia I gotta say wasn't as bad as everyone said it was. Schism was felt wierd how just because of the kids joing the battle, Cyclops and Wolvy had to fight and separate? I mean come on there's been worse things than that. Secret Wars was pretty cool, Invasion was okay, Fear Itself felt kinda random as It wasn't introduced to well in Uncanny (imo). Overall however X-men has been amazing.

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