Can you name most powerful marvel reality warpers ....

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Anyone ?

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Franklin Richards

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Franklin Richards, Mad Jim Jaspers, Scarlet Witch when she was boosted by the Life Force during House of M are the ones usually thrown around.

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Mad Jim Jaspers....

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Marquis of death.

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Marquis of death.


Mad Jum needs actual reality to warp while Franklin's upper levels are iffy at best. Marquis could decimate a mass of Celestials while it was made unsure whether a suped-up Franklin could handle the Mad ones.

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Shouldn’t this be in general? Oh well. If you mean on a cosmic level,

I’d probably give that to Molecule Man, the Beyonder, or any cosmic entity.

If you mean on a magical level, probably the Vishanti, Morgan Le Fay, any dimensional ruler, and any ruling god (I.e. Odin).

If you mean the best reality warpers on a technical level (as in using an alternate ability that isn’t magic to change matter like telekinesis or electromagnetism): Magneto, Thanos, Rachel Grey (horray for @koays), Adam Warlock.

And finally, the best of the non-cosmic, non-magic, non-technical reality warpers. Just straight reality warping is their power: Proteus, Nate Grey, and Legion.

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MJJ by far by potential...

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Gabby. ;)

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Why is this thread here tho

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Gabby. ;)

lol no nice try though.......

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Thor mcu hulk

Edit forgot this was my thread :/

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