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    X-Men: Worlds Apart Exceeds Expectations

     X-Men: Worlds Apart is a comic book story about Super Heroine Storm and her battle with evil villain Shadow King. Shadow King has many abilities, one of them is the power of possession in which he uses to simultaneously possess Storm's husband the Black Panther ruler of  Wakanda and her long time friend and leader of the X-Men Cyclops. Storm had always had a growing conflict within herself, being a Queen to her new found country or having to be available to fight alongside her team from which she shared many battles with over the years. Tension grows as Shadow King notifies her that she will only have time to choose from whether to save her loving husband and their kingdom or stop the possessed Cyclops from destroying himself and her beloved X-Men.  
    The Good: 
    Writer Christopher Yost does a great job with placing the reader's feelings with the characters' and keeping you interested.  Its a great read that keeps you hooked from beginning to end and I highly recommend it. Its also holds a number of impressive feats that will go down in Storm's history. The art is especially beautiful, featuring illustrations done by Diogenes Neves that is spread across the whole comic, from the characters to the detailed backgrounds.
    The Bad: 
    For this specific issue I can only point out that the cover, in my opinion, is poor. Storm's body looks out of proportion and the overall quality a little amateur. The background is the only part of the cover that I saw satisfactory. (Surprising because the art within the book is beautiful) 
    Cover: 3.0/ 5
    Story: 4.5/ 5
    Art: 5/ 5
    Overall: 4.5/ 5

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