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If the X-Men want to save Hannah Connover from an alien infection, they must defeat the Queen Brood! But Jean Grey has reservations about this strategy, and the X-Men decide to find another way to infiltrate the Brood.

The X-Men continue their defense of Hannah Connover from the Brood Firstborn assassins onslaught. Hannah is beginning to turn into a Brood Queen, Wolverine wants to kill her but Cyclops convinces him not to. Hannah, suicidal, escapes the X-Men's watch and a battle ensues between the Firstborn assassins and her own Brood offspring. The X-Men arrive too late and Hannah's Brood is killed and Cannonball flies her to safety while the team fights off the Firstborn.

Meanwhile Hannah's husband, Reverend Connover is captured by Firstborns as bait. Hannah sensed this and turns into a full Brood Queen in order to save her husband. After a brief fight, Hannah reverts back to her human self horrified at what she had become. The Reverend tells her she would be forgiven and the Firstborn arrive prepared to finish her.

The X-Men return and theorize that if Iceman froze Hannah, the Brood would believe her dead. Iceman turns Hannah into a popsicle and the remaining Firstborn retreat. The X-Men take Hannah, still in stasis, back to their mansion to find a cure for her, while her husband prays for her and the X-Men. Xavier says he will send her to Muir Isle for treatment.

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