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Crossover time! Colossus vs. The Hulk.

Wolverine is concerned for the younger X-men memebers if they're able to handle themselves against greater situations.  
He set's up a confrontation between Colossus and The Hulk in the northern forest area of New York, where he and Kitty (along with Lockhead) go hiking. Colossus losses in round 1, but later pull's off some killer moves on him and seeming defeated the Hulk, until he drops his guard and is punched into the quicksand. Saved by the Hulk, however, he turns back to Bruce Banner before saying there goodbyes. Oh, and after Peter learns what happened, Wolvie get's K.O'ed.

There's 2 others stories as well. One is an very old issue from X-men issue #66- Mutants and the Monster, and the other is X-men: First Class Finals. The original X-men mourn and fight against eachother over Professior Xavier's comatose. They later use a Mind-Prob to wake him, but he insteads warns them about the Hulk. Thinking Banner is the key to save Xavier, the X-men confront the Hulk in Las Vegas, and after an incredible battle, they get the device to save Xavier.

This was a entertaining issue, throughout the fight Colossus thinks to himself " think before you act, I'm not sure if I can win, remember your training".He regrets for acting illreationally and not using his head. I understand what Logan was trying to do, but not even I think the X-men were able to challenge the Hulk. Close call too. As for X-men issue #66, I don't like reading old comics because of the art design and long campy dialouge. But it's nice to look at some classic issues every now and then.  X-men: First Class Finals was a preview. So yeah, it's ok.    

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