mrfuzzynutz's X-Men: To Serve and Protect #2 - X-Dudes! Part Two; Gold, Guns, Girls; Shells; Judgment review

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    Worlds Collide...Lil Pop

    Well it is about time! For my chunk of change I have always believe the Children of the Atom have been split apart from the other marvels of the MU for too long. To me I have always dared to dream that Xavier and his crew would embrace their super heroic sides a bit more then have been displayed in years past.  
    And in turn I have to admit I have not been a regular X-reader since the X-men 100 debacle, to many new directions, new costumes for my taste and never been back
    That being said I had no idea a book like this was released, so the Giuseppe Camuncoli cover and title caught my eye on the stand. ( But isn;t that what covers are supposed to do?)  
    So lets get into it shall we? 
    What It Is All About? 
    The premise is based on he idea of Commander Steve Rogers launching a initiative to reach out to the mutant community a bit more and to embrace them as the allies they should have always been. ( Hey, is there not a highly regarded Avenger married to a highly respected X-man?) 
    So here we have 4 short stories focusing on various corners of both the X-verse and MU 
    Why I Liked It 
    It was a nice array of characters to keep my interest. Chris Yost did a admirable job with his Rockslide and Anole team up. Since I knew very little about these two, it was a short and sweet intro into their abilities and characters. But it was the Stuart Moore/Garry Brown Colossus and Iron Man pairing that shined. Farm Boy meets Visionary and this story displayed the way I would imagine how most Avengers view the X-men, opinions based on assumptions and prejudices. But as peter was able to show Tony you never know somebody until you get to know somebody 
    What I did Not Care For 
    Just like any mash up comic like this, focus is on excellent exterior art but as a result the interiors suffer. While your viewing 4 fill in artist do the best they can, you can feel they were placed with the best characters to fit their style. But overall the art does not match the level of writing in this book 
    If your looking to see the starts of the Marvel Universe and X-Verse team up and interact, then this book delivers. However if your looking for facts to back up your arguments in a forums debate, or if your looking to read some high octane action, then sadly this book is not for you. 
    But if your looking for a quick peek into your favorite characters and a easy read of a subject that is long overdue then plunk don your 3.99 and give it a try


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