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Oh dear its the Wolverine and pals show!!!

Well I by no means classify myself as an authority on all that is Xmen, but compared to the people who made X3, im God.   There is so much wrong with the film that I will not say everything, ill just point out the big mess ups (well I guess I could just cover that by saying X3 but oh well) and some of the things that really got me pissed.

The Spectacular:

Ehhh…there was…..ummm…..well how abou…….   Well srry no spectacular from this film.

The Good:

Well I did enjoy the few scenes with beast (I have been seriously thinking to try and think of something good but I cant )

The Bad:

Okay here we go…..first of all mutantes we don’t know of much less care about come flooding on screen, and I mean lots and lots of them, and they really don’t do anything for anybody.   Some of them are given quite a bit of screen time and were still thinking “who the f#!@ are you again?” And the story dosent even feel like anything, it lacks the darkness of the first film, it lacks the impacting scenes that were so awsome in the second (Night crawler, invasion of the mansion, escape from magnetos prison and so on.).   I felt the story was like a last resort or something like that, it didn’t feel like it had any seriousness (maybe because of so many new faces on screen but IDK), I felt that the directors didn’t take their own move seriously or something, very strange indeed.   Various scenes in the movie didn’t even need to be there like one scene were angel is choping his wings off, who cares!?!?   Or the whole scene were Rogue is going to get “The Cure” and Bobby is looking for her and almost fights with pyro but dosent, again…. who cares?!!? Or whole scenes in the beginning of the movie that seem like they don’t belong but at the end they serve as a supposed headway to something else (Colossus throwing Logan), I mean the viewer isnt going to demand to know “How did they come up with that move? They must have practiced that move, I want to see how they practiced it!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaa!!! Whaaa!!!”   There were many more scnes like this throughout the whole movie.   The inclusion of the Pheonix didn’t quite help the film, cause aparently her power is to turn things into little marbles and then the marbles just dissolve into thin air and aprently Logans heals faster than she can marble… =O WTF!?!? Right?    Oh and um just for the record….Logan can not by any means kill the Pheonix.   That brings up another thing, too much Wolverine, he is all over this movie again with a major role, this would be more acceptable(but still not okay) if they could actually do a Wolvie story that didn’t seem like a desparate cash grab, but that is most certainly not the case here.

The “I cant believe this”:

Well I was gonna put this up there ^ but I wanted to make sure people read at least this part.   Juggs, oh dear, what have they done to you over in Fox studios D’=.   First off he IS NOT a mutant, second tht whole trailer jail WOULD NOT dream of holding him prisoner, third WTF did they do to your helmet dear juggs, looks like they thought: Lets go all stone afro with wicked side burns for the helmet…..ya that would totally kick @$$, ya, HELL YA!!! Watch some of his scenes on youtube if you want to see how deep the s#!% hole in this movie really goes.

P.S Just a quick note to all the future directors of future comic book movies, putting your own twist on s*&% isnt always a good idea, please ask people who know about comic books if that is something the character would actually do.   Also just slaping the “MARVEL” or “DC” logo before every movie dosent pay enough respect and homage to the comics and the characters that are about to be interpreted, believe it or not they actually have to have some resemblence, and not just a physical one at that to their comic book apperances, HUGE SURPRISE THERE RIGTH!?!?!?

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