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Shakti uses her magic powers to turn Monet into Penance, but it proves to be not such a good idea for her, thanks to Marvel Girl.

While the x-men fight for their lives on the moon kitty gain grounds in her counterarguments in her debate with Alice. Rogue in white queen garb races to her children who have arrived at the Australian hideout the x-men used years ago, they are attacked by robots but rogue manages to get their and save them in time, rogue greets the kids as Megan wonders about her parents. Rogue says they are fine and Oli tells her gambit abducted them to save them. She contacts scott an lets him know the kids are safe she then asks about gambit’s whereabouts.

Gambit and ray/becka are attacked by the director until he’s killed by a reborn Dani Moonstar. On earth the debate rages on between kitty and alice. On the moon wolvie’s team works its way through the new marauders till m is changed to penance making her go catatonic. Rachel uses her to kill shakti as she and cable meld minds to stop the infection. Shaitan defeat wolvie and rogue arrives but is revealed as mystique, real rogue then comes in and kills shiatin for his years of impersonating storm and ruining her image as a terrorist. This leave both Emma and rogue exhausted and they break contact. Rogue sees gambit and embraces him only to be stabbed through the stomach. Gambit cradles her as mystique goes after sinister. Rogue and gambit share a tearful goodbye as he kisses her and she dies. Mystique reveals she has been masquerading as dark beats all these years she attacks sinister. The cloaking device goes down on genosha which is revealed as sinisters lab for all these years.

Mystique has decapitated sinister and tosses his head aside as gambit decides he will take sinisters place in a meeting eh will go to via teleportation. He entrusts mystique will take care of his kids as they share goodbyes as mom and son. Mystique fill prof-x in as Rachel and cable arrive to accompany him.Rachel contact kitty before the departure as she is going to see her mom, kitty realizes she will never see her friend again and starts crying as the debate wages on and camera’s capture everything.



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