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Sinister explains to gambit how apocalypse took him under his wing but never gave him the keys to true immortality. He says he created gambit from his original genes and the x-factor of summers so he could be the ultimate vessel. He was stolen however and given to the thieves and made his way into the x-men where he fought against both sinister and apocalypse.

Sinister also reveals that With Gambit’s genes and one of the Grey girls either Jean or Rachel he can gain the key components of human evolution, capable of transcendence from the mortal to the divine. Gambit defiantly says the x-men will stop him and insists confidently that they will try but all will fail. Wolverine, X-23, Monet and marvel girl are still being controlled in their hearts desires by the mastermind girls. They are all under control except for wolvie who knows something is wrong.

The new marauders are met by dark beats who warns them not to underestimate Cable who’s still resisting.

The children manage to get the guards to let them out and engage them in battle, gambit comes along and saves them only to be caught by sinister. They flee and get separated Gambit and ray/becka end up on the moon and realize that is actually where neverland was all those years, the others end up in a desert an earth and Megan contact her mom only to get rogue instead rogue quickly flies to heir location.

Jean syncs with wolvie’s dream and helps him break out and kills one of the mastermind girls. His team returns to reality and wolvie says they will attack sinister head on. Moonstar is reborn as a mix of valkyrie and Cheyenne warrior and vows sinister will die. Back on earth kitty and Alice debate with the mutant hater stating it comes down to wanting a human or a monster for a governor.


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