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In Afghanistan, Wolverine, Marvel Girl, X-23 and M locate the dead bodies of X-Force; Domino, Rictor, Feral and Irene Merriwether. They bury them and decide to kill whoever is responsible. Marvel girl wonders about why she’s there as she is not as into revenge as the others. She relents that in the past she was almost killed by wolverine, wolvie trusts her though. She uses her powers to display the past and realizes the enemies were brought there by Slipstream identified as master of hounds. Rachael opens a portal with her powers and the team jumps in.

At Xavier’s scott makes more calls to parents to tell them their kids are dead and drinks some scotch to settle his nerves, he also laments his past as Dust watches on. He regrets running out on maddie and his son when he had a family as he did love maddie and he always seemed to choose the x-men over his loved ones. He thinks of his relationship with jean which was defined by being an x-man, at that moment he’s called by beats from the infirmary and dust finds the picture of maddie he held dear just moments before. In the infirmary Emma is being restrained by Cecelia as her injuries are so great she cant be allowed to walk around. Scott is then contacted by the spikes who inform him that wolvies team ahs fallen off the grid and they cant find them. Scott instinctively says contact bishop so eh can relay the info as he walks out of the infirmary. Beats says his wife needs him but scott says everybody does right now so eh will live with the consequences. Emma says he’s abandoning her just as he did maddie years before. Beast and ceciala sedate her as she contacts rogue on the astral plane. She explains to rogue that she needs her to be a hero and go get their children. Rogue agrees and the two kiss.

Rogue telepathically contacts Beats and tell him that she’s going hunting, she now wears the white queens suite.

Iceman and sage sit at XSE office as sage decides to access the knowledge that malice has since she is Sinisters prime agent. Iceman is against I but she warns him the worst is yet to come. In Chicago Kitty hold a rally and after being prepped by scott and the spikes she hit by a brick to the head she stands her ground and delivers her message a resounding speech about democracy in America.

The children meanwhile are still trapped with Megan accusing gambit of betraying them the lebeau kids realize that their father may well have saved them since the wastrels would have killed them immediately. They plan to fight back however and not wait to be rescued. This is watched by sinister who alludes to a connection between himself and gambit. He is contacted by Shiatin, shakti, technarx, as well as new slaves shatterstar and warpath along with a still resisting cable. Sinister thinks nothing of it however. He is made aware he has guests and he reveals two ladies Masterminds, combining their powers to create an illusion that even Wolverine, Marvel Girl, X-23 and M cannot escape. Neverland then contact him and says Dani moonstar is going out of control as she screams hela ancient asgardian and cheyane together. Sinister gives the order to neutralize her and they do. She flat lines only to rise from her bed screaming Hela!

Rogue meanwhile has reached Courtney Ross’s office thanks to Emma’s tip, where she finds all the documents the woman keeps including a file on sisnster rogue is in shock when she realizes what sinister looked like before his transformation decades ago.

Sinister continues to explain to gambit how a war is being waged across the galaxy and that the human race, mutants and especially the x-men will soon be destroyed, he then changes to human form and removes his red diamond to reveal a black haired but clearly identical face to gambits! He asks Gambit if this is not the best place to be by his father’s side!


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