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 The warskrull is about to kill the professor and he tries to peel the enemy’s mind only to realize they know as much about him as he does them, he’s saved by Psylocke who fries his mind. They tend to a dieing calisto. And contact Scott to compare notes.

Rogue and Emma arrive and Emma rushes to find Scott. Rogue asks what’s the plan and kitty lets her know Scott is calling the shots. Scott meets with his team in a tent to put together all they know, they are all attacked by wastrels and sinister and gambit elope with their kids and if its all connected who is really running the show. Sage has data mined malice and joined XSE again.

They pick up on sinisters marauders and send a team to capture them so they get info. Emma barges in and attacks Scott in grief saying she should have remained white queen and killed them all and none of this would have happened. She collapses in tears at his feet.

Karma, Banshee, Kitty and Rogue are helping with evacuation and the movement of patients. Kitty learns she’s losing in the poles because she has abandoned Chicago and campaigning to be with the x-men. Mutant hater Alice tremain has taken root and is driving home her care for mutant superiority as a campaign tool to win. Kitty doesn’t want to leave but thinks about it.

At this point the army arrives and Emma realizes they are warskrulls she alerts the team and a battle erupts, Cecelia kills one who threatens the dieing patients as magma arrives to help, storm tries her bets is countered. Kid Colossus is injured and Lorna goes to his side. Banshee is revealed as a warskrull and the battle wages on kitty mages to kill another.

After the fight banshee is dead and colossus in critical condition. Scott communes with sage who says that the bomb that took out the school was shiar and they lament that the shiar has broken their 10 years of silence and is now killing them. They all suspect this has to do with the return of phoenix.

In the heat of things kitty decides to return to her campaign and Scott wishes her the best as her winning means co-existence has been achieved.


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