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Xaviers is gone, the mansion, the grounds everything all that is left is a gaping chasm where they used to be. The news reports what has happened across the globe and thinks it is a terrorist attack the worst one since 911 many years ago. The Un meets with XSE leader Vargas who confirms that all the x-men related entities have been attacked. The un prepares for the worst and gets their nimrod sentinels ready fro battle. They also notice anti mutant rallies using this as an excuse to fan the flames of war, they prepare for the worst.

Hub survives the explosion and is cradled in beats arms, we see some animosity between bets and bishop over Vargas joining the xse years ago. Beast and his med unit tends to the wounded and they see Cyclops send up and optic flare so they can locate him. Angels and beats run to his side as we see a dieing north star in his arms.

Domino and the surviving x-force head to the newly arrived x-jet and they greet wolverine he quickly dispatches the remnants of the team as he is actually a warskrull.

In California Emma is going crazy about the abduction of her children while rogue is confident Gambit had good reason for doing it. Sunspot tends to thia and thias and Emma contacts Scott who’s in shock at this time they see the death and destruction on the news and Emma starts going into shock like Scott. Rogue quickly has her change to diamond form and says they are going flying.

Somewhere: in sinisters lab are the abducted children Megan cant contact her mom telepathically and oli says its no use. Dark beast tries to get baby alex and the children prepare to fight. Gambit walks in and stops the altercation and sinister reveals that the x-men will soon all die and he will be their savior as his abduction has ensured their very survival. The children are more than just a bit upset with gambit who tells sinister to never underestimate the x-men.

Beast props up north rat and Scott stays with him till he dies, dust brings him some coffee and acts weird around him, he hates what has happened and even more so he now has to tell many families that he was too weak and ill equip to save their children. Kitty, karma and Rachel mourn wolfs bane passing as wolverine and storm arrive, storm has decided to fight and is no longer on life support. After a brief meeting and the revelation of wastrels they realize that they may be at war with the shiar.

On the starjammer Jean and Prof-x talk and she confirms other players on the field like the brood. Xavier is also told of his son Xavi and deathbirds daughter Aliya. They also talk about the new shiar empire which has returned to expansionism under the auspices of the new chancellor. Xavier is then greeted by Domino who break his telepathic contact with jean and does battle with him and calisto, the war skrull has the upper hand and prepares to kill him. While jean galaxies away wonders what’s happening.


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The Loose Ends Issue 0

Book two of X-Men: The End, written by Chris Claremont, begins immediately where issue six and book one left off. Cyclops and the others are shown, in the aftermath of the complete destruction of the Xavier Institute, trying to piece together a damage report, tend to the wounded, and mount a defense against a clandestine enemy. Numerous plot threads and questions left unanswered in the finale of book one are addressed in this issue, such as X-Force, Gambit and Mr. Sinister, and, to some extent, ...

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