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It's Pearl Harbor for the mutants as the forces arrayed against them strike from space-dealing the X-Men a mortal blow from which they may not be able to recover! The stunning conclusion to Book One of the X-Men: The End thrillogy! Is there even a next month for these mutants? Find out, as all bets are off in this last X-Men tale by legend and keeper of the X-Men canon, Chris Claremont, and star artist Sean Chen!

The Xavier school is under attack once more, from above we see an x has been torn in fire throughout its foundation, in the crystal palace, wolf bane Havok, Annie and carter are startled, Scott wakes up and instinctively takes of to save the students. Wolfbane contact northstar to come for her as carter says she should stay and he will protect her, she tells him to stay as northstar picks her up. Carter is moved by Wolfsbanes bravery so he leaves the crystal palace after confirming that havok and annie died years ago and those there are mere hardlight constructs. Upon leaving he’s revealed as a grown man. The villains move through the mansion as carter tosses Madeline away this causes the mansion defense to activate as sentinels attack, genesis is blasted into the crystal palace where he destroys Annie and havok, carter is left traumatized again and is helpless as genesis destroys him. Above him juggernaut, Cargill, Hub, Kid Colossus and Polaris arrive and juggs lands ontop of stryfe and the team clash. Kid colossus and Polaris are revealed to be in a relationship. Kid Colossus is furious for what they have done to carter and unleashes his rage on stryfe.

Scott is joined by dust who he informs that their attackers should all be dead.

Wolfsbane and Northstar meanwhile inside the mansion are gathering what student they can trying desperately to save any lives they can. The arrival of Shadowcat and karma save even more lives as they try to make their way into Lila Cheney’s teleporting house. They drop of the students they can and Karma remains behind as wolf bane, kitty and northstar leave the sentient room to search for more survivors. Lockheed helps wolfs bane with rescue efforts as Madelyne destroys Scott and Emma’s room dust finds her and seemingly kills her and flees. As the teams continue to battle outside Dust comes closer and is teleported away by hub.

Inside Wolfsbane save another batch of students nd plans to make one more sweep kitty tells her the mansions core has probably been ruptured so they must hurry. Juggernaut bashes stryfe until he reverts to a warskrull with a bomb in his chest. He explodes violently as an approaching Scott is thrown backward, wolfs bane sees the coming destruction and orders Lila’s house to shut. She beckons kitty to tell Dani she’s sorry and the door closes as kitty cries on the other side sure that her friend is dead.

Cyclops has survived thanks to Canadian speedster Northstar who uses the last of his strength to save the leader of the x-men. Polaris forms a shield and also survives but No other X-Man is seen escaping the onslaught…all appear to have died!

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A Tragic Finale 0

The sixth issue of X-Men: The End (a miniseries detailing the "last days of the X-Men") is the action-packed finale of book one of the series, written by X-Men legend Chris Claremont . Beginning with the reemergence of a flame-haired, tattooed Phoenix, the whole universe of the X-Men becomes fundamentally challenged by forces more powerful than anything they have seen before--and they don't just want to win; they want the X-Men dead. In this issue, we bear witness to a full-scale assault of the ...

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