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In neverland Dani flat lines again and her soul is brought to Hela who tells her she can free herself. The people at neverland gas and stabilize her. Wolfsbane howls at the moon sad that no one can find her friends Dani, carter gazakian beckons her into the crystal palace and she informs Martha she’s going. As she enters she returns to her youthful look just like when carter just met her.

In Valle Soleada, California Gambit plays with Megan and oli while the twins create holograms of a city while Ray/becka gambit daughter watches. They are all guarded by Vargas’s servants Thais and Thaiis who also take care of baby Alex. Rogue and Emma meanwhile have gone shopping.

At XSE headquarters Sage is held hostage as Prodigy tries to process all the information she ahs within her. X23 Monet and holographic storm watch and we learn storm was discharged from XSE because of her devotion to sage. Val cooper walks in and attacks just as prodigy warns everyone. She kills Prodigy and several guards as sage watches on motionless.

In Africa storm floats in her pool and calls for wolverine telling him the team is in trouble. He gets tossed by Yukio who then holds her underwater. In Chicago Ahab attacks Rachel and kitty who are aided by police and firemen who are also in the bar.

Valle Soleada, Mount D’Ancanto the site of an inactive volcano finds Emma unwinding as she and rogue party with Sunspot. Gambit arrives and rogue punches him out of the building before catching him and demanding to know who he is and where her real husband is. He denies her wish and she kills him. She grew up with a shapshifter so the skrull could not fool her, Emma and sunspot are terrified to see a skrull there and rush back to the Lebeau house.

In Africa storm starts running out of air so she calls forth her powers to free the skrull and the pool. A panicked wolverine runs to her aid only to find her frozen in place asking for his help. In Chicago Ahab gets roasted by Lockheed despite killing most of the bar patrons and karma arrives. XSE headquarters finds Monet and x23 battling the warsrull along with iceman only for sage to save them and say this is just the beginning, they need to sound a global alert.

In Valle Soleada Emma Rogue and sunspot find the house in shambles with all the children gone and Thias barley conscious saying gambit had taken them as sinister had called in an old favor.

At Xavier’s Bulwark surveys the mansion grounds and reports to Martha only to be vaporized by a beam of light. The culprits include Stryfe, Madelyne Pryor and Genesis who are planning a summers family reunion.


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A Good, Layered, Set-Up Issue 0

This fifth issue of X-Men: The End continues the advancement of Claremont's plot through its many winding avenues. In this issue, Claremont introduces the audience to a number of important mutants' current whereabouts, such as Wolfsbane, Sage, X-23, and Monet. As the last issue was focused on X-Force, this issue seems to focus more on the New X-Men quite a bit more, which is interesting. While Claremont does not reveal any aftermath of the X-Force issue, the (seemingly) main plot with Sinister, ...

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