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"DREAMERS AND DEMONS" PART 4 (OF 6) It's the last stand of X-Force as an old foe of the X-teams emerges from the unlikeliest of places to join the assault!



 At the Hindu kush  X-force’s plane crashes and Cable tarts panicking as he feverishly searches the wreckage for domino and the others. Irene watches and pities cable who as a warrior cant seem to accept that casualties always exist. He locates domino who’s alive and soon some large metal orbs created by Puffball emerge with the team safely inside. Puffball however has been run through and died.

Cable gathers the survivors – Metdown, Shatterstar, Warpath, Rictor and Feral along with Irene around him and tells them that this attack confirms Cyclops global alert that they are under attack once more. Cable beckons Irene to take care of the still unconscious Domino as a bullet heads straight for him. Shatterstar black it but both him and Irene are shop. At that point Shaitan in storm form arrives on the field to taunt them. The team attacks but he eludes them with ease before meltdown nails him. Before she knows what’s happening she’s covering by divinity who plans to eat her soul and steal her body.

Scalphunter who is their sniper takes aim at cable only to see domino wake up and take off directly for him. She dodges all he shots and reaches him in record time, she then finishes him off. Shakti, Technarx and Dinvinity close in on cable who nails technarx. X-force rallies behind cable as shakti cast a spell. The spell cause Apocalypse to emerge from within Irene shocking cable soon he’s run through by a spear holding shatterstar who reveals he’s now a part of the techno. Warpath runs to him and is also taken over. Divinity use meltdowns powers to try and kill domino who has not returned to the battlefield. He’s killed by apocalypse energy bolt. Cable cradles Iren’s body and thinks how this is reminiscent of when he lost his wife jenscot.

Shaitan and apocalypse verbally spar as the technovirus takes over apocalypse, he is shock but its too late he’s dead. Cable uses his powers to throw Rictor and Feral away from the battlefield telling them they must live to tell the tale of what has happened. Domino is stopped from mercy killing cable by shiaten who ahs other plans for cable and domino herself. With that Domino orders rictor to use his powers to kill everyone as their friends are already gone. Reluctantly he does and the earth swallows them all. Feral is beside herself with grief as Domino puts on a clod front to
Go on with the mission. Domino notes Sinister is making big moves as he’s taken out his rival in apocalypse and is sure to provoke war with Cyclops for killing or capturing his son cable.

At Xavier’s Wolfsbane tell Scott of her encounter with Dani, the spikes will try to locate her if she makes contact again and Emma decides to take her children to rogue’s house as she no longer thinks it safe for them to be at the school. Scott disagrees but Emma is going on intuition since she cant afford to have her children die as her students did years ago. She tells Scott to take care of the x-men and she will take care of their family.

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The End of X-Force 0

Issue four of X-Men: The End, Book 1, continues Chris Claremont's alternate universe story in which our favorite mutants will supposedly meet their "end." This issue seems disconnected from the previous three issues (Aliyah, Sinister, and the Phoenix are not present), but is it really? The mastery of Chris Claremont is his ability to weave a multitude of stories into a single volume--wheels within wheels, so to speak--and he is definitely doing that in X-Men: the End. Aside from the layout of th...

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