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    “DREAMERS AND DEMONS” PART 3 (OF 6) It's the epic finale to the story of the Children of the Atom as renowned X-Men scribe Chris Claremont joins with star artist Sean Chen for a trilogy in the style of the Lord of the Rings movies, one that spans the length and breadth of the X-Men canon and brings the saga of Marvel's mutants to a climax!


    On the starjammer Aliya is haunted by a seemingly recurrent nightmare which manifest itself above her head in cloudy holograms. She manages to stop whatever is from happening as astral jean and Binary watch on. They discuss what it was as Jean returns to her body and has a bath, after she dries off we see a strange tattoo on her back and she dons a modern phoenix suite complete with Britney spears inspired mid riff.

    Slipstream arrives at sinister labs with a slaver as he tortures another. The new arrival is the one responsible for selling jean to the kree but also told the shiar she would arrive so they should intercept it. As she’s strapped to a table for torture she reveals herself as cerise of the shiar she tries to harm sinister but omega red, shakti and shakti a storm doppleganger stop her. She cant figure out how she could have been found out as she reports directly to the empress, shakti then kills her she confirms this. Sinister informs his new marauders that they must gather the flock before its too late.

    On the starjammer night crawler senses cerise death and call out her name. He then watches his daughter Talia sleep while holding for her a picture of his wife kymri and son tj. He reveal that he rescued kymri from the slavers hence why she was taken in cruel revenge. He hope sfor a miracle and also that she will be his sons big sister again. He laments this is why he left the x-men to be an actor as their was always a happy ending unlike for the x-men.

    In Hollywood director jubilee is brought up to speed by Cyclops as she tries to reassure night crawlers wife Kymri that all is well. Although she laments that with phoenix returning kidnap may be the least of her worries. I Africa at a mutant hospital dr. Cecelia Reyes-Mcoy talks with her husband and they lament that neverland the mutant death camp has never been found. She walks into a complex housing potential thousands who’s powers and health continues to fail, she says if this continues then the mutant race will soon face extinction. Inside a cell Dani moonstar reaches out telepathically to wolfsbane before they flood her with meds so she can remain alive and stable.

    In Hong Kong X-23 and Monet are tracking Sage who went rogue after the x-men refused to help her catalogue all the human minds on earth. She sneaks up on 23 and places malice’s necklace around her neck just a soon she releases it only to be caught by iceman ad Monet, the XSE has finally caught her but wonder why it feels like a setup.

    In a hindu Kush Irene and cable wait for the arrival of x-force which is simply cables x-force renamed as he telepathically communes with Domino their hip is blasted out of the sky and explodes in fire.


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     Dream a Little Dream...Moving on to the third issue of the maxi-series, X-Men: The End, by Chris Claremont and Sean Chen, I must say: this issue is packed! Six different locales and numerous new plot elements are introduced in an issue that gives us the first real bit of story development in the series thus far. In this issue, we bear witness to the first death (of many) of an established character, and we also get a glimpse of the whereabouts of Beast, Jubilee, Domino, and a few more of our fa...

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