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 On earth Emma walks in on Scott who is talking with jeans dad. The conversation end prematurely as the couple walks in on their room full of kids, twin girls and an older daughter Megan who informs them that Alex is awake. Her mom puts her back o sleep as Megan worries she will have another nightmare. Emma walks in on Scott as he comforts Alex and demands to know what Scott plans to do about this problem as his ex is reaching through him and terrorizing their children. They are interrupted by Xavier’s astral form who Emma curtly kicks out she then takes Alex into the children’s room as she plans to stay with them as he deals with his “ex’ and his “mentor”. Scott changes into x-men gear and walks in on the spikes the renamed and now physically distinct three in one/step ford cuckoos. They have also sensed jean and using the living cerbra Martha Johansson they plan to contact all the necessary parties. Carter Gazakian is briefly seen with Alex Summer sr and his mother Annie, though he still appears to be a child.

They contact Rachel and kitty but ray is still upset about Scott and Emma and wont even meet hi eye, they decide to stay away and work on their campaign.  Cable and Irene Meriwether are out fighting terrorists and cable is thankful he’s being kept in the loop. Irene meanwhile hope to use him to locate phoenix as she has a plan all her own.
Rogue and gambit meanwhile break into one of Sinster’s labs where they discover a dead sinister and Domina. Sinister watches this from his elsewhere with the slavers who he reveals he knows about their backdoor deal to try and get jean grey. He admits he thought he was a valued customer as he gave them good slaves and the occasional x-man all for one reason he alone was to get jean grey, but since they have become greedy  he will deal with them accordingly.

Aboard the starjammer night crawler and jean have a almost tearful reunion while aliya and binary eavesdrop.  They realize that they must journey to the heart of the shiar empire to warn them as the brood are seeking their newly built stargates to propagate their race after it was built by the slavers. They also discuss that after lilandra went mad after Cassandra nova’s manipulation a new chancellor has risen to lead in her stead.

On the shiar planet lilandra and her son talk with the purple helmed chancellor about the return of the phoenix she tells him to destroy it and all around it then departs. The chancellor watches her leave and plots with another who reveals that the transaction had something to do with them but they were attacked and their plans failed they lament if lilandra suspects anything. He confirm she does not but says that she must find out what she can as that is first priority and she is to contact her people on earth for if the x-men become a threat they must be dealt with.


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Moving on to the second issue of X-Men: The End, Claremont reveals the answers to a few questions you probably had after reading the first issue, such as the true identity of Aliyah's holographic aide, what all those aliens were up to on the Shi'ar planet, and the whereabouts of a few of your favorite X-Men. This issue is a continuation of the first in the sense that it is excellent at setting up future events, but this issue has even less action than the first, which probably will bore some peo...

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