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The story opens with Aliya Bishop daughter of X-man Bishop and shiar renegade princess Deathbird. She reminisces about the time she spent with her mom and how she ahs never met her father. She is then alerted to a kree ship descending on a planet in the shiar star system. We also learn lilandra had gone mad and the empire was in turmoil.

Reluctantly she descends on the planet to see some slavers, including multiple man and siryn who have been turned into slaves bartering a cocoon for an insane amount of cash with the kree. At the sight of the cocoon Aliya tenses up and decides she cant let the transaction work. She is attacked by an unseen slave, the daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet witch, nocturne. The two fight as all hell breaks out around them. Aliya manages to get the cocoon only to get lifted by the kree’s tractor beam. A Warskrull is revealed he causes her to fall back to the planet they battle and we hear that Deathbird fell in battle with a Warskrull. She prepares for death only to have the Warskrull run through by fiery energy. She sees a fiery woman collapse from exhaustion. She grabs her and flies of via hover pack to her ship, the woman then tells her to collect nocturne before departure. After securing her brood erupt all around her, she reveal her ship the starjammer and they flinch since the ship almost caused their destruction sometime in the undocumented past.

Now with the two women she returns to her ship which is in the planets atmosphere and she tells the ship to go to warp now the ship advises against this but she does it anyway, the planet goes supernovA and they are caught I its gravity. About to die the fiery woman glows absorbs the planets nova energy and saves them all. At that time a phoenix rapture is manifested.

Galaxies away on earth jeans closest friends sense her return. At the Xavier’s Scott senses Jean and informs his wife Emma who is holding their youngest child, Alex. Meanwhile in Chicago, at a rally for Katherine Pryde’s political campaign, Rachel Grey shouts out her mother’s name. In Hammer Bay, Genosha, Charles Xavier suddenly senses her and worries about his students. In parts unknown, Mr Sinister smiles broadly at the prodigal daughter finally re-emerging. In the Hindu Kush, Jean’s adopted-son Cable, reacts melancholy: not sure to be happy or terrified. In the Kimanu Highlands of East Africa, Storm, in an iron lung, and Wolverine are having dinner when they sense Jean. Logan tells Ororo it has nothing to do with them anymore as his only concern is her.

Back on the ship the sentient computer identified as Carol Danvers in her binary form and Aliya are awestruck as they realize that “the phoenix” has returned. Hey worry what this means as the ship senses and intruder she put them all at ease as she is the one who teleported the person here as he alone can help her free nocturne mind from the slavers, he is Nightcrawler!


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Revisiting a Favorite: X-Men: The End 0

Alright, let's get down to business. Because it has been over six years since the release of this issue and the start of X-Men: The End, I feel I can more adequately  write a review for its first issue and provide some analysis of a series that I feel is quite often misunderstood and under-appreciated, in some respects. Chris Claremont got a 'lot of criticism (some deserved, but not all) for his work after returning to Marvel, but it is my honest opinion that none of his work in the past decade ...

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