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    X-Men: Second Coming » X-Men: Second Coming #2 - Sacrifices released by Marvel on September 2010.

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    The end is here. Sacrifices have been made. The most dangerous and successful attempt at the extermination of mutants is upon us. Who will walk away?

    Synopsis for X-Men Second Coming Chapter 14:

    Chapter 1

    Everyone watches in amazement as Hope's floating body glows in a fiery aura. As she lands back onto the ground, she stumbles and staggers towards Cable dismembered arm; clutching onto it as she calls his name and passes out.

    In the infirmary, Hank is seen treating Piotr's wounds from the battle. A dazed Hope awakens to find herself in the infirmary and Hank comes over to examine her once he sees that she is conscious. Hope asks how long she has been out since then and Hank replies for "around thirty hours". Hank tells Hope that she seems to be fine and apologizes for his abruptness to leave her for he is needed to help treat the injuries of the other patients in the infirmary. Hank joins Doctor Nemesis in examining Warren's injured wings, while Doctor Rao checks up on Bobby, and Karma is seen being fitted for a new prosthetic leg. As Hope stands idle looking around at the injured, Erik tells Hope that it has been much less than a week. Hope seems puzzled by Erik, and he reminds her of what she had told him before and what she had done to Bastion. Hope says she does not exactly remember what has happened recently or what she had done and asks him if everyone around her thinks she's dangerous. Julian interrupts sarcastically saying who would think that she's dangerous as he waves his severed arms around. Erik quickly rebuffs Julian and tells him to run along and get back to rest. Erik tells Hope not to worry herself over what the others think as Hope lies down on the gurney next to Erik. She tells him that maybe it is alright to be thought of as dangerous.

    Chapter 2

    Hope has a flashback of Nathan telling her that she isn't gonna get rid of him that easy, and back in the present Hope and many of the other X-Men are attending the funeral service for him. As Scott tries to give a eulogy for his son, he is overwhelmed at the situation and is unable to do so. Hope sees this and steps up to speak for Nathan in his place; giving a tearful speech. After the funeral service Hope sits alone by herself near the coast. Loa, Bling and Prodigy watch Hope from afar and ponder if they should say anything to her, but Prodigy deduces that anything they have to say to her she already knows.

    Scott pulls Rogue aside much to her dismay so they could have their talk. Scott tells Rogue that her actions and choices could have made Kurt and Nathan's deaths been in vain because she put Hope in the front lines and thus in danger. Rogue tells Scott that Hope wants to fight in the front lines alongside with the people that are putting their lives in danger for her and not to hide behind them. Scott tells her that her decision put their whole strategy plan in jeopardy, and is disappointed that she made that decision alone. He tells her that because Hope trusts and responds to her that she is needed on Utopia to help her cope with everything going on, but adds that she is reckless and a loose cannon and officially takes her off the combat roster.

    Chapter 3

    Logan is alone binge drinking as Ororo enters. He tells her to leave and she tells him she cannot and asks him what's wrong instead. He tells her that Kurt was the only X-Men that did not see him as an animal, but Kurt died seeing exactly that; an animal. Ororo asks him if Kurt was wrong, to which he simply responds no. Ororo mentions that she spoke to Scott about the secret formation of X-Force and that Scott told her that he accepts full responsibility for X-Force. Ororo looks at an old picture of herself, Scott, Jean, Kurt and Logan and reminisces of the past. She picks up the picture frame and tells Logan that she is taking it and that he may kill her if he does not like it because that is what he does now. Logan tries to explain his involvement in X-Force and rationalizes their actions and choices. Ororo saddened by his views says that she is sorry to hear that he felt that way because now this might be the last time that they are able to drink together.

    Later, Logan approaches Laura and tells her that she's out. Confused, Laura replies that she does not understand what he means. Logan continues and tells her that it is over and that she is no longer in X-Force. Laura tells him that Cyclops ordered her to be in X-Force, but Logan replies that he should have never let Laura onto the team roster. He adds that both he and Cyclops used her just like how the Weapon X Facility would use her, and that it is time for her to act as her own person and make her own decisions. He asks her what does she want, still bewildered she replies that she doesn't understand. Logan continues to badger Laura on the subject and she simply replies that she does not know exactly what she wants. As Logan begin to turn and walk away from her, he tells her that it is a start and if she wants orders that she should give them to herself and he leaves her.

    On Alcatraz, Scott tells Logan that numerous X-Men including Storm, Colossus, Iceman, Xavier, etc. have come to him about the underhanded formation of X-Force, and that Hank will not be returning. Scott continues on and tells Logan that X-Force will no longer be a part of the X-Men's future. Logan agrees more or less and tells Scott to get some rest because he looks exhausted and leaves. Logan walks into a darkened room and announces that this is now X-Force and that no one can ever know about them. Fantomex, Angel, Psylocke and Deadpool all stand beside Logan.

    Chapter 4

    Scott is alone preparing a letter to Kurt's sister to inform him of his death when Bobby comes in to inform him of Hanks departure. Hank and Namor are seen in the hangar(?) and they have a small chat. Hank wonders why Namor would take residence on the mutant isle of Utopia while Namor wonders what kind of man would turn his back on his own people. As Hank's aircraft takes off, Namor states that they are better off without him. After watching Hank leave, Scott leaves to find Emma and to check on Hope. Scott spots Emma at the bonfire and asks why she is in diamond form, and she responds that she is tired of feeling. Scott then asks Emma how is Hope doing to which she replies not so great considering her father is dead and everyone around her hates her. Scott then asks Emma if what they did was right and she says it does not matter, that what matters is tomorrow. Hope glances back at Emma and a phoenix like aura envelopes around Hope. A stunned Emma rushes to find Scott to tell him of what she saw, but when she finds him he tells her to quiet down. As five lights appear on cerebra, Scott tells Emma that they were right.


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    Finally the finale. 0

     First of all, the ending was great, we all saw it coming, but was the only one it could be.   The Good:Hope was well written on this issue, it felt akward for me how she was portrayed before, but Emma did explained it "some people hate her and the rest are expecting her to turn water into wine, besides her father just died" her relation with Cyclops is growing into something that if handled well could turn into something really interesting, in general what I enjoyed the most of this issu...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    X-Men Second Coming 2:Chapter 14 Review 0

         I want to not just write a generic review. So I decided to do an "unscripted" like review.I thought this would be a cool way to illustrate how i felt about the book and show some of the great art in the book. And G-Man and Babs really look like they have too much fun doing these reviews.well maybe not too much fun, but it looks like they enjoy it for sure Be aware there are several spoilers here. Overall I really enjoyed second coming and although it got a little slow in the middle. I thi...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Tears, Surprises and a Funeral 0

    Second Coming was an emotional, action-filled story that became one of my favorite X-Men story arcs since House of M. This is the ending chapter and although there was no action per se in this issue, it was still an amazing way to close the curtains on this mutant fight for survival story. It was divided into four stories with four different creative teams, so it would make sense to divide my review into four parts… Note: Since this is somewhat an older story there will be some spoilers, so I...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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