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    X-Men Season One

    The Good:

    X-Men:Season one is the first X-Men title I have read in a long time that doesn't have saga in front of it.

    X-Men lately has become overloaded with mutants and there is so much going on that even the geekiest of fans can struggle to figure what exactly is going on.

    This book is back to basics and is a book about the characters of the original five X-Men

    Cyclops,Jean Grey,Beast,Iceman and Angel.

    The graphic novel spans over a hundred pages and gives Dennis Hopeless space to stretch his legs.

    He uses the space to develop the five characters who he talks about through the eyes of Jean Grey.

    If done wrong it could come across as a bit gimmicky but Hopeless pulls it off well.

    Each character gets time in the spotlight and Jean Greys thoughts at times can actually make you chuckle and sometimes laugh out loud.

    The book is fun and exciting there are dinosaurs,familliar villains being badass and lots of memorable moments.

    But it isn't about the villains not even Professor Xavier it's about these five teen mutants.

    Each of these characters has opinions,emotions and flaws which makes you lost in the world because they sound so real.

    You have a reason for liking each of them and even though it's a prequel at times you actually worry if they die or not if character A will ever get back with character B or will character C ever figure out what to do.

    The art is very well done every characters emotion is caught on pen,every moment is colourful and every scene is just fun to look at.

    The Bad:

    It ends abruptly.

    The book has been building up to this moment where the X-Men unite for this moment but it just ends but as they say a sign of a good story is when people come back looking for more so I've my fingers crossed hoping they make season two.

    Iceman looks like Justin Bieber which made me kind of distracted when ever he talked because I kept expecting him to start singing "Baby"

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