X-Men: Season One #1

    X-Men: Season One » X-Men: Season One #1 - HC released by Marvel on March 2012.

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    Welcome to the X-Men's first year - hope you survive the experience! Professor Charles Xavier has recruited five of the most powerful mutants he's ever seen to save a world that hates and fears them. But there's only one problem: They're teenagers who have to survive hormones and uncontrollable super-powers, all while fighting for their very lives. So right now's the perfect time for Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants - along with the Sentinels, Unus the Untouchable and more - to make their bids for control of the world, right? The first class of X-Men are forged in the fires of combat in ways you've never seen before. You only think you know the story! Also features UNCANNY X-MEN (2012) #1 by Kieron Gillen and Carlos Pacheco!


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    We <3 Jean 0

    As someone completely new to the Season One line of Marvel graphic novels, and as someone who was also mostly unaware of the X-Men origin story, I decided to give this book a go. Armed with only a Wikipedia knowledge of the early X-Men, and a certain skepticism that this book would prove to be a New 52-type disappointing re-telling of a classic story, I am happy to admit that this book immediately proved my fears to be irrational. A few pages in I was always smitten with Jean Grey, and swept up ...

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    X-Men Season One 0

    The Good:X-Men:Season one is the first X-Men title I have read in a long time that doesn't have saga in front of it.X-Men lately has become overloaded with mutants and there is so much going on that even the geekiest of fans can struggle to figure what exactly is going on.This book is back to basics and is a book about the characters of the original five X-MenCyclops,Jean Grey,Beast,Iceman and Angel.The graphic novel spans over a hundred pages and gives Dennis Hopeless space to stretch his legs....

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    A Pretty Good Retelling of the O5 X-Men Origin Story. 0

    The story opens with Jean Grey, the narrator and protagonist, alongside the X-Men as they battle Magneto. During this fight, the story flashbacks to when Jean Grey first enrolls to the Xavier Institute. For me these 1-3 page flashbacks are a problem throughout the book. Sometimes they had some connection to what was happening in the present, but for the most part the flashbacks ruin the flow. I would have appreciated a more straightforward story.After Magneto escaped from the X-Men, we go back t...

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