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Official Solicitation

It has all been leading to this! Buckle your seatbelts, True Believers, for an action-packed emotional roller coaster that will forever change the X-Men and the landscape of Mutantkind forever in X-Men: Schism #1! Courtesy of Marvel Architect Jason Aaron and superstar artist Carlos Pacheco, the opening salvo for the X-Event of the century begins with a bang as a mutant-triggered incident sends humankind in a frenzy! They’ve always been brothers in arms, but finally one of them has gone too far. The long awaited confrontation between Cyclops and Wolverine begins here! Can the two of them hold it together long enough to preserve the safety of their species? Or will their differences prove to be too much and set off a mutant civil war? Find out as the biggest X-Men event in years kicks off this July when Carlos Pacheco, Frank Cho, Daniel Acuña, Alan Davis & Adam Kubert join Jason Aaron for the X-Ride of your life! It all begins in the oversized X-Men: Schism #1!

Plot Summary

Tired from an unknown adventure, Wolverine blows off a training session with the Five Lights and discovers the unwelcome knowledge that Oya lost all her toys when hunted as a monster (because of manifestation of her mutant powers). However, Cyclops refuses to let him rest taking him to the United Nations as his 'Token Avenger' instead. here, Cyclops delivers a speech that calls for the immediate disarmament of every country's individual Sentinel programs. Just as representatives from each country try to exchange in debate, denying the existence of Sentinels, Kid Omega bursts into the room and assaults the delegates with a telepathic wave. Media coverage shows each delegate confessing to their own individual sins. Outside the UN Building, a truck is opened releasing a small troop of Sentinels which Cyclops & Wolverine soon destroy. Elsewhere, 12 year old Kade Kilgore assassinates his father by pushing him out of a flying car & shooting him as he falls. The boy is clearly a young genius, and has usurped control of his father's business by becoming the new CEO.

Back on Utopia, Wolverine presents Oya with a new doll and joins her in the kitchen as she eats ice cream. The other leaders of the X-Men watch news-feeds from around the world. Emma Frost attempted to send Hope Summers back to bed, but Cyclops allows her to stay & watch. Wolverine & Oya arrive as news of activated Sentinels is broadcast. Wolverine attempts to send Oya back to the kitchen, but again Cyclops allows her to stay & watch with Hope. Cyclops commands Emma to put every mutant on global alert, to which Storm warns him not to make the situation worse by over-reacting.

The broadcasts of Sentinels in every city is also broadcast into a secret meeting room. There, 13 mysteriously hooded figures admit that they are impressed with young Kade Kilgore's actions. The young man had infiltrated Utopia & released Kid Omega in secret, planning on the chaos that would ensue. Due to the success of his actions, Kilgore is accepted as the new Black King of the Hellfire Club.


Nightcrawler only appears in a flashback. He has not been resurrected in this issue.

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