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Bloody great if you ask me!

The Story

 Following the events of the Sisterhood arc, Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock has returned from her stint as an Exile, and travels to Japan to bury her original body again with Wolverine in tow. However, an attack by ninjas from the Hand leaves her with a new purpose: to kill Matsuo Tsurayaba, the man responsible for her body transfer - as seen in Acts of Vengeance. But the road to Matsuo is a perilous one, and Psylocke has to face new enemies, old demons and familiar faces to reach her goal.

The Good

I think Harvey Tolibao's art works really well in this issue, but to me the real point of this issue is to reinstate Psylocke as the major player she used to be in the mainstream universe. Her origins are explained in a none-too-confusing way - which in itself is quite a feat, and important aspects of her life as a person and an X-Men are referred to. The action is fast-paced and the fights impressive, and it clearly shows how lethal Psylocke can be.
Moreover, the original story of Psylocke's body transfer is also included, and it is still a great read, even if Jim Lee's art is a bit dated. Too bad this Claremont story has been altered and retconned...

The Bad

While it is very coherent within the story, why on earth do writers think that Wolverine has to appear in every sodding book? I know Betsy and Logan are friends, but still, he's really starting to get on my nerves...
Another regret is the absence of Captain Britain - only briefly referred to - and the lack of any mention of her time with the Exiles... I mean, I realise the last story arcs were not really popular, but Psylocke got much character development there, after all, coming to terms with who she is and her powers... Psylocke had gotten so strong and assertive by X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks, and yet, this story is about how confused she is about the whole body transfer that took place years ago.

What it all comes down to

Psylocke fans are very likely to enjoy this book, for all its references and because it marks the end of Betsy's time in Limbo. Wolverine fans may also be interested in it, especially those who know what "Wolverine + Matsuo + Japan + anniversary" can lead to.

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